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Demon of the Living Woods


Real name:Thorn and her preserver Pricklepear.

location: island forest

Bond beast: Tiger named Seule (meaning alone).Thorn saved her from humans who had killed her mother while she was trying to kill one of their no humps to feed her and her two cubs. her brother madblood stays by himself. He hunts humans in their territory and often comes back half dead and thorn is able to bring him back using her knowledge of plant medicine.

Name: humans call her demon of the living wood.

Power: Tree shaper. Uses her power to attack more than to create life.

description: long red hair, slightly curled at the ends, blue eyes 4'8" tall body type like clearbrook.

gender: Female

age 1,000 years old

story: Tribe was slaughtered by humans when she was a child. She has hunted them ever since. Any human who enters her forest meets a green and gruesome death.

Lacking the sensitivity of normal tree shapers, she calls on the forces of nature to attack any five finger that comes within range of roots or tree tips poisoning flowers or knife like grass.

They call the forest the living wood but it is also know as the green death.

clothing: leather bikini- like top, one of those skirts with no sides, only covers front and back. sandal shoes. woven vine headband, arm band,wrist bands.

weapon. two daggers and her powers.



One of my first versions of Thorn, and Thorns softer side


Pricklepear, thorns only friend. helps her attack the humans but will try to scare them away before she comes to try and save them. unless they are mean.