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Name: Lilac

Birth-tribe: Unknown, possibly Go-Back descent

Parents: Unknown

Age: 50

Appearance: Pale skin. He has the height of the Go-Backs and the other smaller elves. He has pale skin, and long brown hair, sometimes with bangs, other times not. His eye color is dark blue.

Attire: His clothes are almost always made by humans. He can make them himself (at least he claims that he can make garments of leather, but that part isn't clear yet.) He usually wears green or brown when hunting, but in human settlements he likes to wear black.

Weapons: Spear is his favorite weapon, but he knows how to use a bow. He also keeps a knife in his belt at all times.

Role: Hunter

Skills: Lilac is quite good at tracking, and can seemingly dissapear swiftly, which has been and is a rather useful skill of his. He can also hold down his drinks and food for a long time, but it's unknown if this is because he's an elf or something else.

Personality: Lilac is quite arrogant, and believes that he is the best hunter. Problem is that he is an elf, and much better at this than the humans, which does nothing to cease his ego. He is a heavy drinker, especially of cider, which he trades for dead elfin bodies.

Background: Not much is known of Lilac's background. When he was 30, he started hunting elves in exchange of cider. He is quite experienced in this, and so far he has been quite successful. He recently killed Cutter.


Good Bargain

Blood was dripping off the spear as Lilac managed to pull it back from the carcass of the blond elf with that silly knot in his hair. What did that fool call himself? Cur... something like that. Lilac didn't really care. It was just a silly name.

What kind of an elf carried a name like that willingly? Lilac dried some sweat of his forehead, and scratched his brown hair. Damn fleas. This had to be a Wolfrider, Lilac's hair only itched like this when he killed one of those.

It didn't matter. That elf was dead now, and good riddance. It was old and weak. The old and weak should die by the spears which was wielded by him. Who else would kill them if he didn't? The trolls had to much to gain on their existence. And the beasts were to slow.

No, it was Lilac who was victorious in slaying these foul creatures. No one else could kill his kind like he did, and frankly, he wanted to keep it that way. There was no need of them and their hugs and recognitions and that crap.

Lilac loosened the canteen from his belt and poured himself more of those delicious drops of apple cider which the humans gave him in exchange of slaying the elves which bothered them so. It was a good deal, after all, who other could make such fine drink?