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Christmas Gifties


I'm gonna be making gifties of your personal elves this year. I'm making 10 at a time then I'll post. Please post your main personal elf here so I can make them.

New GIFTIES will go here:

Embala, Firesong (elfeneye's), Sunsark (MrsGrizzley's), Tynami & Change (mine), Blackmoth (my daughters), WolfMoonSky, Moonsoon & Tidebreak (Jeedai's)

Canon Minis:

BARBIES will go here: (Also taking CANON barbie requests)

Yes, I'm making these again:

Cannon Barbies:


Ohhhh, what's the new base for these?



Added Blackmoth and WolfMoonSky :D

The base is by Linkette I think, I'm gonna try to do everyone I can on this one, like I did with the barbies. Monsoon is next :D

Edit: Added Monsoon


Neat Thanks!


*glomps* I love these one!! they are all beautiful!!! Can't wait to see them all!Happy


Added a bunch Smile Looking for references for others.


That's a marvellous sight, katcombs! Your skills with these tiny and even tinier bases are amazing ... Hypnotize

I love my Embala to pieces - she's so perfect Good_bad unmistakeable in colors and shape. Thank you so much for doing her again!

Firesong in red with her typical flower - Sunspark complete with cape - Tynami, looking to her best complete with leaves and jewelry - Change with all the details like legstraps, belt and hair adornement - charming Blackmoth - a sweet young WolfMoonSky - and Monsoon being in camouflage and sassy even in this "size" Clap

The canon girls are spot on! All the tiny feathers for Winnowill and Ember, the jewelry completing Leetah, Moonshade's elegance and Nightfall's practical look - everyone a treat. Great job with the hair-dos ... I love Winnie's "tail-tie" Wink

It's wonderful to see you dolling again - and sharing your masterly work. Bow_down


Here are some more new ones, adding to top post too :D


They are wonderful kat!!!!


*hugs all!!* Okay, who is next?


Could you make one of Ekah? Or Maa?

They can be found here. Smile


I'd love to :D

Would you mind if I did all of the ones on there? Some of the tekteks aren't showing Unhappy


Not at all. =D


The one of Mika doesn't show Unhappy


Argh. Let me see if I can find the file.


Fixed now. =)


I remember that furball now :D Hopefully I can get these done by xmas Smile

[Deleted User]

For my Moonmoss just check the EDA page you yourself so kindly and generously made Wink
Amazing work for such minuscule base- I could never believe one could have such details added to such tiny dollz Bow_down

[Deleted User]

Here you go- I have been gone and didn't even know all your pages were down- here's my Moonmoss-sort-of-self-elf-but-still-her-own-person :D references that I could dig out from my archives.

Amazing how you can get such details out from such teenyweeny bases Bow_down

base in both: www.silindor.com

Scroll + text font by Elfmom, I copied from Moonshade's namescroll and adjusted from that

ooh, and canon Rain and adult Crescent would be great too- and Savah, with her flowy moth-gown dress <grins wickedly> and no, you definitely do not have to make all of these, I'm just greedy- but you have lots to choose from....that is if I have been nice and even get a gift...Wink


EEK!! HUGS!! I'm definitely gonna do her :D I miss your dollz! I can't even remember what your todo list was on the main group.