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The EQ Alternaverse Returns...

New characters, new adventures...

September 2014


  • Welcome back @Wingthing! Can you give a little description of the EQ Alternaverse? There are a lot of new folks.
  • Oh, let's break out ye olde trailer script, heh.

    What if Bearclaw had lost to Joyleaf's challenges? (shocking, I know)
    What if Cutter had been born a girl? (high improbable)
    What if elves kissed? (that's going too far)
    What if Timmain wore clothes? ( Oh, come on!)

    After eight years in wrapstuff, I'm going back into the worldpool.

    The EQ Alternaverse the formerly archived adventures of Swift, Blood of Ten Chiefs, due to soon reboot and take on the Final Quest.
  • omg yeeees!! i was hoping for this!! i can't wait!! and now there is a chance we get to see the new Oasis!!<3 September here yet?!!
  • Thanks for posting the link, I love the art on it!
  • Oh gosh, that's amazing! I remember spending hours and hours reading those stories, the OCs are amazing. I'll have to reread them now that they're up again!
  • This looks so awesome! Definitely reading it :D
  • AHHHHHH! Huzzah! Woot woot woot! ~O) Looking forward, Wingthing! Oh yes. ^_^
  • I'm so happy you and your site are back :D
    Recently I've been re-reading your stories, thanks to the fantastic internet time machine, and I can't wait to read new stories!
  • arthis, you know you don't need the time machine anymore?
  • edited August 2014
    That's great, and the pictures are back too! My eyes see with joy :D
  • September? Yes please!
  • edited August 2014
    are you and Sungirl working in collaboration again? will we get more art along with more stories?
  • Oh... I think you will ;-)
    Sungirl's been working on some awesome new pieces, both of new characters and old favorites.
  • *squeals* be still my heart!! i can't wait to see what you guys think up this time!!..and it'll be SO nice to have new stuff to read, i've read all of your stories at least 5 times now...XD
  • New Sungirl art too?? Did I unearth a genie and make a wish without knowing? What was that about September?
  • i knoooow, it's so exciting!! i can't wait to see this stuff....september can't come soon enough!
  • i don't suppose there are any behind the scenes or teasers you'd like to share? it's so hard to wait two more weeks!!i'm so excited to see what is added to the Alternaverse after all this time!
  • Funny you should mention that...

    With the Alternaverse relaunching September 6th (that's right, I've set myself a hard deadline - ack!) I thought I'd share an excerpt from the first new fic. This takes place several thousand years after the last stories left off, and Swift has... evolved somewhat.

    Tam had never understood why some elves would willingly shed their skins. Her childhood had been filled with loss and blood – to her, death had always been ugly, and enemy to be fought. That the elf lived on in spirit seemed precious little consolation. Life was flesh, and the heady sensations that went with it. Life was chasing the bloodsong and outrunning the great stillness. What possible consolation could be found in being a hollow wind whistling through the trees, or trapped within the Palace’s crystal spires? Spirits lived in pure thought. They could see and hear but never quite touch. To spend eternity thus, insubstantial, separated from loved ones still alive, able to commune in sendings but no more… when she thought about it too much, it stuck her as almost crueler than simply winking out of existence.

    But now she understood. Leaving one’s skin wasn’t a loss; it was a transformation.

    She soared through the emptiness of space, freer than the highest-flying bird. Her earthly eyes had seen the blackness between the stars and thought it cold, but as a spirit she knew better. Space wasn’t empty; it was scattered with new treasures to explore. Streams of solar wind tickled her spirit’s aura. As she passed through tails of gas molecules, she swore she could taste them like spices on her tongue. When she struck a passing spark of radiation, she tingled all over with static.

    She had been so wrong; the spirits weren’t deprived of sensation – they were awash in it. Purer, subtler awareness than a crude husk could ever perceive.

    Don't worry, more to come soon. :)

  • OMG! She's dead?!
  • Not necessarily... ;)
  • she learned how to go out?!!

    (i would certainly HOPE she's not dead, she's the focal point of the whole universe!)

    but soo exciting! and YES! september 6th!...i shall probably get a slice of cake to celebrate the first new story. i am really thrilled...i can't wait to read about everyone! to see how Haken and Chani are doing as the new leaders of Oasis, how Wren is doing as chief of a Wolfrider tribe, what's going on with the Green Moon Bay pirates.

    also, i would like to does it feel coming back to Swift and her universe? what do you think about when you're trying to write the new stories? shaaaree your braaain with us!*drool* :p
  • Oh, it feels crazy to be back with Swift and the gang. I really seem to go through "feast or famine" when it comes to the Alternaverse. Trying to reboot it crossed my mind from time to time over the years, but I just couldn't get past writer's block. And then Sun Girl and I spent like a whole weekend flipping through Readers Collections, laughing about the good ol' days in the Alternaverse and trying to figure out just where Final Quest is going. Didn't really think anything would come of it, but within a week I swear I was on a dreamberry overdose.
    So lately Swift and the gang are constantly on my mind, especially as the Alternaverse will be going far into the future, and I'm trying to figure out how elfin society might evolve over 10,000 years when the Palace is still there to link up all the tribes. World building has always been my first love. So while there are going to be a few "classic" stories set in familiar territory, Swift and the crew will also be going into uncharted territory! It's been really... creatively invigorating I guess would be the word(s).
  • That's the thing about Alternaverses. They can be hard to escape!
  • edited August 2014
    do you think you'll ever go back and write new stories that happen during the past? like before redlance dies? like what happens when Cholla is born, or Wren's recognition with Mink? or oooh, even when Scouter recognizes Leetah! what could have been their reactions to that? surely Leetah would have fought against it, and perhaps Scouter would be a bit tortured by the memory of the last recognition he dealt with (aka Dewshine and Tyldak)
  • Oh, there will def. be several visits to Oasis and the Evertree. Among some of the storylines I've got planned are:

    How Cholla got her name.
    Pool and Scouter's difficult relationship.
    Whatever happened to Kahvi? (Answers not necessarily guaranteed)
    Savin discovers a new tribe of elves.

    Lots more to come over the next few months, Real Life permitting, heh.
  • ooooh! fantastic to hear some of the things you hinted about in the Oasis children's bios will be visited in detail!^^ lots more is always fantastic. i can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

    and a new tribe...oh boy, this'll be interesting!
  • With just over a week to the relaunch, here's another excerpt from Swift's first new adventure:

    **Come on!** Fahr sent, laughter in his spirit-voice.

    She saw him ahead of her with her spirit-sight. He was a dancing ball of light, flitting towards the great yellow star. Chasing after him required no exertion, no fumbling of limbs. She simply thought herself at his side, and there she was. Their auras spun around each other, aglow with joy. Spiralling together, their spirits fell into the corona of the star, into an invisible fire that writhed and breathed like a living thing. Tam marvelled at the flames dancing over her aura, heat without limit, heat without pain.

    **This is what I’ve longed to share with you,** Fahr cried. **The stars are alive!**

    **Yes… yes! I never understood before. I saw their light… but I could never feel them. Oh, Fahr! Now I truly hear your starsong.**

    **This way.**

    **What, deeper?** She contemplated the depths of roiling ball of fire.

    **Come on, Tam. Don’t tell me you never wondered what it would like to swim in fire.**

    **Swim?** she exclaimed. But Fahr was pulling her spirit further down. They passed through layers of heat, some mild as a warm breeze, others crackling with the taste of lightning, still others thick and turgid like a river in spring thaw. They passed through great arcs of burning gas. They dove into waves of it, they splashed and swam and swirled each other about in a spirit’s dance. Tam might have been content to float on the star’s surface forever, letting the currents carry her across the glowing globe. But Fahr drew her deeper still, into a world where the pressure was so great she could feel her astral form compressing, transforming.

    He showed her the very center of the star, where the miniscule seeds of its life were baked in tremendous heat and pressure, until they fused together with a burst of flame. He took her through the loops of energy that held the star together, like threads sealing a seam in a bag. He taught her how to ride on a spark inside the loops, travelling out towards the star’s surface, then plunging back to the center in a dive more thrilling than any ever made astride a giant hawk.
  • wow, Swift is really enjoying being a spirit! and obviously Skywise has been practicing for all these millenia...i wonder where Rayek is? keeping an eye on their bodies, or out of his body as well but in a different place? i also wonder what it is that prompted Swift to go out...

    and now i'm wondering what Venka and Zhantee have been up to! have Tass and Cricket lifemated? does Skywise get along with his brother now that he's an elder as well? Are Gypsy and Piper finally lifemated as well? Have the Gliders officially been reestablished as a tribe? i want to know who has recogniiiizeeed!!!*Flails* i am so looking forward to the release!!
  • Are Skywise and Swift going to recognize? As in- was this all just a delayed recognition after all? That would be kind of cool..
  • i really sincerely doubt that, cause it's been thousands of years since they Wingthing said it. Skywise belongs to Sungirl, and she would kill Wingthing if he ever looked at anyone else besides Savin. so very very VERY unlikely.

    ....obsessive fan, who, me? never!
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