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What other Elfquest Stories would you love to see drawn by Wendy?

I would love to see drawn by Wendy - The Founding of Sorrows end by Savah & her family. Early stories of the Sun Folk and more of Yurek etc this would be cool!!!


  • that would indeed be awesome!!

    i'd like to also see the early days of Blue Mountain detailed out. and more of the High ones when they first came to Abode!
  • More stories from the novels!
  • More about the Coneheads! Where did they come frome, which worlds did they visite? Etc.

    More about the history of the Gliders, the Sunfolk, the Wavedancers, the Go-Backs.....the Trolls and Preservers..

    Hmmm lets see, just about everything of the history of the Wolfriders ofcourse!!!

    Do I have to choose?
  • I'd love a Dreamtime vol. 2.
    What did those sleeping in Sorrow's End dream? And how does those dreams fit in with the 'dreaming of things to come' theme of Dreamtime?
    :o3 !Scouter !Dewshine !Chot !Yun
  • Oh yes Dreamtime volume 2 would be ace, there were so many of the them asleep in Sorrows End too! Great idea, I also agree Vaeri - early Blue Mountain Days would be great - younger/less evil Winnowill, more of the gliders that we didn't get to know etc.
  • I would like to see a short story on how the Go-Backs found the Wolfriders fighting the trolls. The Wolfriders didn't send for help and Clearbrook goes back to the spot they were ambushed, so the lodge isn't far. I always figured that meant the elves either saw or heard Ten-Span being shot down and/or heard the battle raging and went to check it out. Would love to see the story from Rayek's perspective. His realization that it's the Wolfriders, seeing Cutter and Leetah. That would be awesome.
  • Good one Heather! I loved that scene from the Original Quest - so much to take in at once - death of a beloved character, a new trible, a battle, mean trolls - action packed! I just thought of another - it would be great to see the Beginnings of the Wavedancers who were the High Ones that started this tribe and how and why they took to the seas?
  • Would love to see more about the Wolfriders before Cutter's (or even Bearclaw's) time. Always love seeing Elfmom draw the ten chiefs. Plus I've always been fascinated by the past Wolfriders (which is why I love the Blood of Ten Chiefs books so much), and to see more of their history become part of the canon would be neat.

    I'm also still dying to read more about Greymung's rebellion. A whole big story.
  • You realise that we're being a really demanding bunch! Wendy is busy drawing the awesome Final Quest and we're being completely "WE WANT MORE STORIES!!!"
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    I know. Wendy's hand (and head) would be silly putty if she did do these stories.
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    hey, Elfmom will probably need something to do once Final Quest is done, or when she's in retirement! if anything, we're HELPING her, SO BE MORE DEMANDING! :p

    i agree on the Wavedancer founding. and childhood stories! ya know, like Suntop and Ember growing up in the sun village with the other children, more stories of Cutter growing up with Nightfall and the others. maybe a few short stories about Brill growing up with Krill. maybe even stories with little Joyleaf, Birdcall and Bearclaw!

    hey! how about a story about the creation of the Bridge of Destiny, and the Sun Symbol on the other side?

    and...oooh ooh! what about THE VERY FIRST recognition on the world of two moons?! that's momentous!!
  • Vaeri said: and...oooh ooh! what about THE VERY FIRST recognition on the world of two moons?! that's momentous!!
    I always figured that was Timmain and Aerth...
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    Far as I know, Timmain and Aerth were only lovemates. Far as I know, the only child Timmain ever had was Timmorn, but who knows, considering how ancient she is?

    I thought that Timmorn and Murrell were the first Recognized couple on WoTM. I could swear it said something like that in the Lovemates calendar.
  • well in Hidden Years, Deir is telling Timmain that Gibra has made a son to play with the first born Timmain gave them. so possibly yes, Timmain was the first to recognize, but was it Aerth or someone else? and i'd still like to see the story behind that! did she resist at all? how did they figure out what they had to do?
  • from the Lovemates calender 1999 - going with the Timmorn/Murrel sheet:

    First of the elves to "recognize" as body- and soulmates on this prehistoric planet, their cendants will be true wolfriders. But of this strange pair, which is the beauty and which the innocent, untamed beast?
  • my point remains! i think it would be interesting to see the first eyes meets eyes.
  • Thanks Embala, I had a feeling about that. So apparently before the High Ones' arrival, they didn't have Recognition. I'd bet that even the youngest "conehead" was still many thousands of years old. Could've been Timmain, in fact.

    Only with the fight for survival did Recognition come along to ensure the race. Or something along those lines.
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    Vaeri said: my point remains! i think it would be interesting to see the first eyes meets eyes.
    Agreed! :)

    You are welcome, Wolfrider.
  • Just thouht of another...I'd love to know about Clearbrooks first cub that died. Obviously a sad story but any other stories on Clearbrook would be ace another old time favourite character of mine!
  • I'd like to know whether or not One-Eye (or rather, Woodhue) was also her father, or if Clearbrook had another lifemate earlier.
    For some reason I don't think so; considering how badly she reacted when One-Eye died I find it hard to believe she could've gone over the loss of another mate. But then again; Bearclaw also reacted pretty badly when Joyleaf died (ie, went on a suicide mission) and according to 'Wolfrider' (the story-arc, not the forum member) he had other recognized mates before her.
  • Oh! Oh oh oh! More "Days in the Lives", like these! Surely with all these new adventures, the cast is even more talkative than ever. ^n____n^
  • MultiFacets said: Surely with all these new adventures, the cast is even more talkative than ever. ^n____n^
    Not to mention Freetouch!
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