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Final Quest Issue 12 Cover and teaser

25092Coming November 25, 2015.

What happens when you discover who you really are—and realize you never wanted to know that soul-wrenching truth? Nightfall and Redlance lead a band of Wolfriders to try to learn the answer, just as the Wavedancers deliver dire news: the Djun’s warships have arrived. The most game-changing issue of ElfQuest ever!

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  1. Cutter: “Oh my Palace! I’ve actually been David Hasselhoff this WHOLE TIME!”
    Leetah: “Tam, no! It was just a bad dream!”

  2. Please don’t tell me Cutter is the Kwisatz Haderach! Product of a thousands of years-long breeding progromme by Timmain. :)

  3. question, I thought Dark Horse was putting out the comics but now I see links to TFAW?! Did I miss something?

    • Dark Horse is publishing the comics and they distribute the physical copies through TFAW.

  4. Is it just me that thinks getting a snippet synopsis of the comic due out AFTER the next-to-be-released comic is a spoiler?

  5. I think it depends on what information is in the snippet. Dark Horse I’m sure is very careful about what they put into these snippets to make sure they don’t reveal major details. And like it or not, these kind of advance snippet preview is pretty standard, so if you’re worried, it’s best to just avoid reading them.

  6. I remember Wendy saying as a clue we had to look for what is missing in this picture. Even though we now know what induced terror in Cutter, I still don’t get it…

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