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Elfquest Final Quest #8 – SPOILERS

There is one question Wolfrider chief Cutter can no longer avoid: If the elves must choose between the star-traveling Palace, and “the Way” that binds all to the World of Two Moons, who will stay, and who will go? The irresistible call goes out! How will those long absent—Rayek, Winnowill, Two-Edge, and more—react?

In keeping with our new spoiler policy (basically, as soon as you’ve read a new issue, you’re free to talk about any aspect of it you want), we’re letting everyone know right up top that spoilers lurk in the discussion below. Fair warning!


  1. Some folks are reporting that the issue is available already from Dark Horse Digital. . Has anyone gotten it?

  2. 0_0 lucky you! I will be waiting for the papered issue though

  3. I can’t find it on Dark Horse. How have some people got it?

    • It’s not on the Dark Horse website but on their app. You have to change your time settings on your phone or tablet and then enter the app.

  4. *pout* They got it because the app for Digital DarkHorse shows availability a day early than for those of us relying on the webpage. It’s frustrating because the app isn’t available for things, like, oh… the Surface 2 Tablet that I use. *grumble* I’m still hoping that eventually it’ll be available.

    In the meantime, I’m going to rely on getting individual issues through Digital DH and compilations through Amazon and the Kindle App, which IS available for my tablet.

  5. It works on my Dark Horse app on my android phone, but not on my iPad app. So I buy it early on my phone and then it suddenly appears on the iPad as well. It’s like magic! :-)

    But I have to say; this issue gave me goosebumps… There is so much that is revealed and/or teased! But I’ll wait until later to talk more about it, it’s better to discuss it when everyone has had a chance to read it first.

    • I’m still kind of processing things as well. There is just so much to discuss and feel from this issue.

  6. Greetings from Norway, and my very first message on this new comment system. I woke up this morning, the 24th, and saw your conversation (as well as the message about the elfquest.com overhaul), so I checked my Android app, and there it was. I seem to recall that I got an earlier issue early as well, but I definitely checked for #7, and I didn’t get that one before the Wednesday it was supposed to be out.

  7. Wow!!!! Guys, I just can’t wait for more people to read it. This is the best issue of ElfQuest I’ve read since the end of KOTBW in the 90s and I’m SOOOOOOOO excited and happy!!!! AYOAHHHHHH

    • Weaver, I so agree. I know we can discuss spoilers but want to wait until more have. This is the best issue yet and so much happens. This issue just oozes awesome and excitement. Wendy and Richard did an amazing job with writing and the art is perfect. This is also the best color work from Sonny so far.
      I had quite a few moments that got me right in the gut as well as almost falling out of my chair at one point.
      It will be a long wait until May but this issue will give us plenty to talk about until then.

  8. Thanks for the tip, Heather – I finally got to read one early!

    And now I’m just sitting here in a daze. What a powerful issue. That full-page spread – you know the one I’m talking about – WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW

    I feel like a broken record. I can’t stop staring at that page.

  9. @Tavie said:

    “And now I’m just sitting here in a daze. What a powerful issue. That full-page spread – you know the one I’m talking about – WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW”


    @Heather said:

    “I know we can discuss spoilers but want to wait until more have. ”

    Me too. But I CANNOT wait to post pics of some of the “revelations” from that spread.

  10. So many awesome pictures. I literally squeeed myself with that issue.

  11. Also read it one day early. The spread page reminded me of the picture of Timmain turning into a tree (when the Wolfriders are in Blue Mountain for the first time)

  12. @Sulken said:
    “The spread page reminded me of the picture of Timmain turning into a tree”

    I know! That was my first thought when I saw “the most hidden of the hidden”…

  13. Not going to lie, I hate the waiting in between (patience will never be my strong suit); but it was so worth it this time. Between Shenshen and OMGTHATFULLSPREAD!!! I’m going crazy with the waiting.

  14. @Sionney-The waiting is going to be rough after this one. This really feels like we have started the Final Quest and I want to keep reading. I know I am going to go back and savor this issue some more. Especially the spread.

    I want to know so much more. Shenshen is killing me and her interaction with Strongbow was amazing. And also Strongbow and Moonshade. GAH!

    And yes, the spread! MORE ELVES!!!!

  15. captainvimes on March 25, 2015

    Yeah, the MORE ELVES bit surprised me… I figured we’d see Egg (at least, I think that’s the one with the helmet? Or is that Door….? I forgot how New Blood ended).
    The cast is rather overwhelming right now as it is, it must be hard for the Pini’s to give them all proper ‘screentime’. So much plot to handle, so many characters that are affected. I thought that they’d stick to the current cast and maybe the odd loner or something. But whole new tree-shaped elves, woah! Could that be descendants of the few high ones who left on their own at the end of HY #7? Argh, exciting!!!
    I loved the look of them, it injects a bit of fantasy in to the story that is getting more scifi-ish. Love it.
    But the most intriguing one to me was the loner on his horse. Who is he?

    Lol, I guess this issue will forever be known as the issue with “that spread” :)

  16. I think it’s Door, based on the headgear.

    The cast is overwhelming, I agree. That does have me concerned too. I know we still have about two years before FQ is finished but I am not sure how it can be with an ever growing cast. But it is still exciting.

    The loner is sticking out to me as well. But man, those tree elves are calling me.

    You’re probably right, this is going to be “that spread” or “the spread” issue. It’s a zinger.

  17. captainvimes on March 25, 2015

    Ah, see, I thought that was Door’s Helmet.
    But, didn’t he die at the end of New Blood? Or is this one of those ‘but, did you actually see the body’ kind of things 😉

    Other cool stuff:
    – Skywise is beginning to realise how being apart from Cutter will affect him. Cutter’s nod to the KotBW storyline was so well written…
    – Leetah and Skywise’s choice to stay their own size was so freaking touching!!

    But, if I may add 2 niggly points of critique (iknowright, sourpuss):
    – winnie’s cut-and-paste response of ruling all elves was, ehm, not that subtle. A tad one dimensional.
    – the 2 panels of moonshade and strongbow that were, iirc, lifted from the teaser video looked odd and out of place in art style.

    • You know how it is on the internet? “Photos, or it didn’t happen.” We could perhaps take a similar approach to that sort of thing in Elfquest: “Corpses, or it didn’t happen.”

  18. It was pointed out by Stefan on FB that the female tree-elf looks pregnant. Perhaps it’s just a knot in her belly, but I think it’s possible! 😉

  19. Ok, the issue is out today and I can’t wait any longer. OMG who/what are these creatures???!!!!

  20. All so exciting!!! Maybe reading g too much into it but I’m searching the final panel for more clues. 9 sending stars, 1) Cutter’s tribe plus palace, 2) Ember’s tribe alone in Djunsland, 3) Rayek and Ekua (what continent are they on?) 4) wave dancers, 5) Go-Backs 6) Door in Forevergreen 7) Loner, 8) hidden ones 9) not yet revealed…I’m hoping it is Egg at Blue Mountain and the palace dwellers will cross paths with him next issue. Also, Windkin an Aroree getting freaky is fun

  21. Also, is it implying that Sumstream’s mind is no longer his own? Did he just make a huge sacrifice for elf kind like the elves of Blue Mountain?

  22. I hadn’t thought about that. What an interesting hypothesis. We already know that there will be things to lost. :aroree:

  23. Weaver said:

    “Also, is it implying that Sumstream’s mind is no longer his own? Did he just make a huge sacrifice for elf kind like the elves of Blue Mountain?”

    That thought crossed my mind too. Is he going to become like Egg, Brace and the Doors — or even like Orolin and the firstcomer Guiders who remained in wrapstuff so the could focus on their “think -do” magic?

  24. Moonshade apparently only knows two extremes, she is either a “always stand by your man”-woman or she is a jerk to him… Poor Strongbow

    Maybe there are more loners, it’s just one pictured

    Would be interesting if Door is still alive (maybe Dodia didn’t get eaten by an alligator, too).

    Two-Edge was kind of nasty with the rest of the Go Back-tribe. He loves Venka, why can’t he care a little more with her tribe? Maybe he’s going to forge an alliance with the misfit trolls about getting healed?

  25. I don’t know that Moonshade was a jerk necessarily… but she was definitely taking the opposite side…
    I think some of it is like a reaction from having aligned her own behavior with Strongbow’s for so long that now that she finally needs to change, the only way to do so is by taking almost the opposite side to feel more like an individual. Maybe at some point she’s going to become more comfortable with herself, but for now it sometimes feels like she’s completely disassociating herself from anything Strongbow is associated with in order to feel more like herself or something.

  26. This is one of my favorite panels of the issue. I love that Venka is so different from the Go-Backs but yet somehow just fits. I love to see a blonde Go-Back among the generally dark-haired warrior tribe. And I really love the female Go-Back with her open sensuality and gorgeous Roman nose. ​

  27. I don’t think Cutter would let Sunstream make the call if it ment becoming like Door, Egg or Orolin.
    Btw…. how can we add pictures?
    And I am glad to see the EQmoticons are still here! :star: :cutter:

  28. @eyeshigh “I don’t think Cutter would let Sunstream make the call if it ment becoming like Door, Egg or Orolin.”

    I don’t either, but maybe he just didn’t know what would happen…simply one of those “careful what you wish for” outcomes. Everything comes at a price, after all.

  29. Wheeeeeeee!!!!!!! Just got my copy of #8!! This is so awesome!
    I agree with you @Weaver! We don’t know for sure! Let’s hope it won’t happen, because I would like for Sunstream to have a.. some what “normal” life, even now that he is the Link!

    Here is a question.. if and when the Go-Backs will live in or near the Palace, will they grow taller too? Since they are descendants of the Wolfriders and all… (they are, aren’t they? Descendents of Two-Spears’ tribe?)

    Btw… I think in the end all will be well between Strongbow and Moonshade! They posted a while ago a picture of them together saying
    The picture says it all – for today, for every day.’

  30. Eyeshigh said:

    “how can we add pictures?”

    There’s a button just below the comment box that says “ADD IMAGE” now. Look to the bottom left. The emoticon button is at the top right of the comment box. :wink:

  31. Livie the Lurker

    Livie the Lurker on March 26, 2015

    I posted this on Facebook too, but what the heck: How do we respond directly to a comment? I see some have done it, but I don’t see any alternatives that allow us to do so.

    • If memory serves, there may be a “quote” function in the future that will allow you to reply directly to another person’s words. For now, there’s the tried-and-true cut-and-paste method. Turning off indented posting keeps each thread neat and linear, and preserves a nice forward momentum to the activity.

  32. Nested/Indented replies have now been turned off to avoid the layout becoming hard to follow, but Warp and mods can use them now an again for responding directly to questions, etc.

  33. Very curious about the lone elf. With so little to go on I can’t help but theorize. I’m thinking that he may have originally been one of the scattered Go-Backs, or descended from them. Perhaps he’s even the one who taught the some of the elven language to Cam Triompe. That elf was said to have been lost to a storm and presumed dead, but perhaps he washed up on Coldhaven and has been struggling to get by on his own ever since.

  34. ​I have to say I am loving the mottled coat on Strongbow’s wolf. :strongbow:

  35. Heather – Me too!

    D. Rae – yes, the “wood elves” are getting most of the attention, but that loner on the pony has my wheels turning too.

  36. Heather said, “It was pointed out by Stefan on FB that the female tree-elf looks pregnant. Perhaps it’s just a knot in her belly, but I think it’s possible!” I noticed that too, particularly because of the words “To the newest of the new” right there next to her. I couldn’t see any other evidence of an infant except in that wood-elf’s belly.

    (I might add that I loved the poetry of “to the oldest of the old, to the loneliest of the lonely,” and so on. Really nice.)

    This issue had a lot of really cool new developments and also some answers to long-standing questions. It looks like Two-Edge’s love for Venka is still unrequited. That’s too bad; I was hoping she’d love him back. It also looks as though Winnowill has been asleep within Rayek this last 40 or so years, not tormenting him non-stop as I feared. Still, his exile is clearly very hard on him. I was interested to see how easily he subdued Winnie; apparently she has not gained the power over him she has by the time of “Rogue’s Curse.” Reef and Korafay are lovemates! That’s a lovely thing. Also, Reef apparently still can’t send. And Aroree and Windkin are lovemates too! It looks like he decided to stay a while up in the Frozen north. I wonder if Adhri minds?

    Strongbow’s confrontation of Shenshen was understandable, but I couldn’t help thinking that since she is not in his tribe, he really doesn’t have the right to tell her what’s what. I didn’t think Moonshade was too mean to him, though. I think she made a good point that he ought to consider. It does look as though a separation is coming between them; that she will go with the Palace and he will stay in the Holt. I hope they can find a way to come back together, though. After thousands of years together, so sad to be unable to reconcile now!

    I did kind of want to ask Cutter the reverse of the question he asks Skywise: If Strongbow’s happiness takes away Moonshade’s, should he give it up? That seems like a fairer question because no one’s asking him to give up his wolf blood. He merely needs to let go enough to not require her to hold onto to hers just to make him happy.

    I loved the old man who threw the anemone to Korafay! Sweet scene! Also Skywise and Cutter’s “we’re about to part” scene. Very moving.

    I’m also very intrigued by who these new elves are. And apparently Door isn’t dead– wow! Will we also get to see Aurek? And I want to see Shenshen and Shuna working together! Can’t wait for the next bit!

  37. I feel for Two-Edge as well. It would be nice to see him find some peace, especially in the arms of Venka.

    As for Shenshen and Strongbow, she did live with the Wolfriders for 500+ years and had chosen to not live in the Palace with the Sunfolk. So I think not only does Strongbow consider her a part of his tribe but also the idea of any elf looking human doesn’t set well with him. I do agree that Moonshade wasn’t mean, she just doesn’t mince words. Basically she speaks to him the same way she spoke to Leetah all those years ago in the Sun Village. While her point of view has changed, she is still a straight talker.

  38. Multi-Facets on March 28, 2015

    I got my copy today. Just finished it.

    I feel incredibly sad. This is the beginning of the end. Who will choose to stay on Abode? Who will leave to travel the stars? How many families will be divided?

    Ultimately, how will so many elves learn to get along and live together in the Palace?

  39. “How many families will be divided?”

    That’s the biggest question for me as well. I know lots of people are concerned about Moonshade and Strongbow but after this issue I am worried about Skywise and Cutter. Their divide is harder for me to bare. Not only are they the central couple of the story but also, they aren’t having issues like Strongbow and Moonshade are. This isn’t a troubled relationship. I am getting nervous about this.

    “Ultimately, how will so many elves learn to get along and live together in the Palace?”

    That is a good question too. I know most of the elves we have met (like people), are good. But we obviously have plenty who aren’t. The idea that there may be a group of elves that isn’t as friendly on whole is possible. And I would think there would be some cultural issues.

  40. Given the nature of the elves, I’m sure cultural differences can be overcome fairly easily. Most complaints would likely be about the Go-Backs, but they throw a good orgy so I’m sure they would be tolerated.

  41. D.RAE said:

    “Most complaints would likely be about the Go-Backs, but they throw a good orgy so I’m sure they would be tolerated.”

    HAHAHAHA! Very good point! :kahvi: :krim: :skot:

  42. There’s one thing I totally don’t get: Cutters says the palace has to move when Sunstreams makes the call. But then it stays where it is. I supposed Sunstream told all the elves on the world of two moons the location of the palace via the Big Sending. But then Venka has to ask Two-Edge where the palace is.
    So how shall everybody know where to go? Especially when the palace moves AFTER the call?
    I’m confused.

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