Son of Cutter Kinseeker and “Mother of Memory” Leetah

Cutter and Leetah’s third cub is the result of a second Recognition that struck the wolf chief and healer during Dart and Mender’s lifemating celebration in Father Tree Holt.

The strapping young lad’s features are a blend of his parents’, with strawberry-blonde hair, green eyes, impish nose, and strong cheekbones and jawline. Unlike his siblings Sunstream and Ember, he favors Cutter’s pale coloring. Though the two never met, his garb is also reminiscent of his father’s. He wields one of the two Twin Flame swords, given to him by his chieftess sister (who now carries their grandsire and sire’s blade, New Moon).

What adventures does the future hold for this young Wolfrider?

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