The Humans of the World of Two Moons are, like those of our own world, infinitely varied in their manner and outlook. From the unrefined, brutal savages that fought the firstcomers and the Wolfriders to the feudalistic hunger of the Djun’s contemporaries, through to the shining, scientifically advanced multiplicity that populates a time where Elves and Trolls have disappeared into the legends of Abode.

AdarNonnaLittle Patch • Grohmul DjunShuna • OlbarAramakAhn-LaiCam Triompe • Cosmo LuricahnScorch Chirell • Kullyn KennKhorbasi • ShukopekAngrif Djun • IkopekNunkah • GeokiThe Bone WomanThiefLehrigen • Molli • Daboi • Tingeh • Orphan Boy

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