Healer, shape-changer, sender, jinker

Jink is a shape-shifting descendant of the elves who lived in Cutter’s time. Jink surrenders to her emotions, living for the moment. To Jink, life is not to be taken seriously unless absolutely necessary. Highly sensual, always ready for a tumble in the furs (or whatever else you have handy), Jink is easily distracted by someone like the psychic “tweak,” Kullyn Kenn. Often tagging along on an escapade just for “smoochies,” she has advised Kullyn, “the best way to survive an adventure is to enjoy it.” Jink is wild but truly in love with Kullyn. Jink’s ability for limited teleportation, called “jinking,” has gotten her out of many a scrape. When encountering humans, Jink usually selfshapes her features to appear to be one of them.

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