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Librarian shares where her obsession started

Laura Mehaffey is the head librarian at the Carolina Manga Library. On the Manga Library blog, she shares how she found Elfquest and it opened a doorway for her.

“People often ask me what started me off reading comics. Be afraid, because you’re about to get some personal insight into a librarian’s childhood. Come into my childhood with me. If you dare…”

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  1. Thank-you Laura, for sharing your story! I too found Elfquest and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonsinger and other lovely books that helped keep me sane growing up in our public library. I still remember my first visit to the BIG library.
    Our elementary school librarian despaired of keeping me in books: I would check out two (the limit) in the morning, bring ’em back at noon, and check out two more. I would fall behind on school work because I was so fascinated by the stories in the books: I had discovered a series of biographies of famous folks lives as children, and how they lived and their adventures were endlessly fascinating.
    When summer came, and the school was closed, Mom took us to the BIG library … when I asked the librarian how many I could check out. ” As many as you want, dear.” something must have crossed my face, because she quickly amended, “as many as you can carry that is.”
    After talking my brothers into carrying some, I spent a delightful two weeks lying on the floor reading (and not much else got done!). I still feel like libraries are a sanctuary and storehouse of comfort and wisdom. It takes a lot to become a librarian: all those library science degrees on top of a love of books and people. I eventually became a teacher and environmental educator, because I love being out in the woods (and take my books with me!).
    Thank-you for being one of those magical people who helps get ALL the stories out there for everyone to share.

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