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Listen to Episode 17 of The ElfQuest Show Podcast

There’s a new episode of the ElfQuest Show podcast ready for your listening pleasure. This time hosts Ryan Browne and David Mizejewski plunge into the exciting events of issue #8 of the Final Quest.

What will be the repercussions of Shenshen’s decision? Are Korafay and Reef lovemates? Will Strongbow and Moonshade really separate? Is Rayek being melodramatic? Go-Back orgies! And of course, who are the new mystery elves revealed in that gorgeous two-page spread? All are discussed in geeky detail in episode 17 of the podcast.

Listen right here simply by clicking orange and white “play” button in the image above, or head on over to SoundCloud, iTunes or Stitcher to listen or download.


  1. I got one question… didn’t Rayek stepped outside the Palace on Djunsland? There is only one star there, most obviously that is for Ember’s tribe. Did Rayek block Sunstreams’ sending or did he move to another continent?

    And listening to you saying/questioning ‘are these sendingstars from all the elfes on WoTM?’ Hmmm, I wouldn’t be suprised not, but I agree that creating more elfes would be pfffff.. how much more work must we give Wendy and Richard? Lol. But you know! There is one elf I must on the big panel, but it seems he has been “given” a sendingstar! …….Egg in Blue Mountain! Isn’t that where he still lives?

    • Ah, but don’t forget what was said before, about Sunstream being able to tap into/sense all elves present and past. Not all those sending stars necessarily represent living elves.

  2. All great questions! :krim:

  3. I was thinking further upon your idea of calling them Swamp Elves, what about Bayou Elves? I do think they are part tree. whether from Timmain or from something Winnowill did as a punishment or a completely different high one(s) source. To explain possible asymitry it could be due to them being affected by the elements, wind, rain, drought, cold, heat, lightning strikes, floods, avalanches…
    Ents were tree shepherds. Remember also that many plants are both genders and some are single gendered. Timmain as a tree/elf could have been both and she pollinated trees around her, assuming that she was a compatable species she was shaped in. I would assume the biggest one is the “chief”. Personally I think the tree elves are lovely looking, as are the wave dancers and all the elves.

  4. Reef is suffering from PTWE: Post Traumatic Winnowill Encounter
    Elves looking like humans, Alien conspiracy theories? I love how the Pinis weave human mythology ancient meadieaval, and modern together to make a well woven tapestry.

  5. Pupe, that’s one of my favorite parts of ElfQuest.

  6. I don’t quite know how the app works in regards to comments (which I have commented on the app) but I’ll post it here too, on topic about German names. Tier is animal in german (Teir). Angreifen means to attack (Angrif).

  7. What a difference a year makes!

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