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Listen to Episode 20 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Episode 20 of the ElfQuest Show podcast is live, wherein Ryan and David give voice to the sound of their minds exploding over the events of issue #11 of the Final Quest.

Dart and Mender Lifemate

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  1. Good show guys. Liked the idea mentioned of the Future Quest master of the palace referring to his daughter.

    Nice observations about Timmain’s appearance as she changes to Cutter form.

  2. ​Could Reef be another side of Haken? Not that many black-haired elves all in all. Aslo, after playing around with soul-names and High Ones, two stand out as very close. Timmain – T-A-M and Sefra – F-A-(H)-R. Fragmented “anagrams” or what their called. Can’t seem to make any other fits though. Kaslen and U-L-M don’t combine at all, although it’s clearly stated that the two share both nature and appearance.

  3. Just listened to my first episode of the podcast – this one, because I had SO MANY UPSET FEELS ABOUT THE BIG REVEAL. I’m glad to hear it hashed out between the two uber-fans, and I’m also glad that THEY’RE upset. It makes me feel not so alone in my initial NOOOOOPE reaction. I do trust Wendy and Richard, but having my theories and reactions reaffirmed by others makes me feel so much better.

    Oh, and you guys only touched on it a little, but I noticed that when Skywise and Timmain get together, Skywise does the majority of the talking, and she just sits back and lets him spin out how he wants things to be. It totally gave me shades of Winnowill meeting Rayek the first time. Remember when she just basically gave him a bit of bait and he ran with it? I felt like Timmain was doing that to Skywise, and it gave me chills, especially with the whole “Let’s not put a label on this. Let’s just go with it.”

    Also there’s a questioning tactic where you lead with a vague statement and let the other person fill in the blanks, and you remain silent to see what they confess. I thought Timmain was doing that, too. She was letting Skywise fill in whatever he felt he needed just by remaining silent.

    Loved the podcast and can’t wait for the next one.

  4. Hmmm. So much to think about. Quick question/observation: Has the comic ever mentioned recognition between two elves that weren’t wolfriders? I know wolfriders are the only elves with soul names but are they also the only other tribe that experiences recognition (including triggering it with members of other tribes)?

  5. The Gliders and the Sun Folk know what Recognition is, which makes me think they experience it also. It seems to be standard among all elves.

  6. It’s good to know that there are others talking about the same kinds of misgivings that I’m having with this new tale. Where do you all go to discuss these things? The forum is gone and the comments aren’t a great place for having a discussion. To where did everyone go, if you need someone to talk to?

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