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We finally got to see a bit more of the “Scary Ones” in issue #14 of the Final Quest and in this episode of the the ElfQuest Show podcast, Ryan and David let their imaginations run wild trying to guess what these creatures actually are, and what they mean to do with Cutter.

They also chat about Venka’s smack-down of Two-Edge, the manifestation of Conehead spirits in the Palace, how Redlance will react to the Scary Ones, what Cutter’s dream of the Ten Chiefs could mean, Filcher’s death and more!

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  1. Self-shapers seems like the most likely explanation for the Scary Ones, but bear in mind that the High Ones (I assume) never stayed in a changed form for all that long when they were observing alien life forms. Look what happened to Timmain when she self-shaped and stayed in that shape too long – she lost her elf identity and became more and more wolf-like. She even says that after regaining elf form, it took her some time to become herself again. Could the same issue be effecting these guys? They’ve lost some of their elf-ness due to their changed form? All the other elves we’ve seen haven’t changed shape all that much from the High Ones, perhaps the Wavedancers being the most changed, but that may only be cosmetic (or is their skittishness due to their fish-like bodies?), and have therefore remained more elf-like as a result?

  2. “Now that the Palace is back to full power…”
    If the High Ones were immortal, when the Palace arrived, were there ANY spirits in it? If that’s the case, then the Palace has changed and become something other than it once was with the accumulation of elf spirits – is it over-powered now?

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