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More New Moon bling from Badali Jewelry

We received approval samples from Badali Jewelry and boy do we approve! What do you think?


A closer look

The New Moon necklace isn’t on offer yet, but when it is we will let you know. You can check out the current line of Elfquest Jewelry on Badali’s website.


  1. OH I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS ONE!!!! i’m wondering, is it double-sided, or is the back hollow like the New Moon pin? i REALLY hope it’s double-sided!!!! i’ll probably wear this one more than my Warp Wolf pendant… which is saying something considering i wear that one daily! :wink: :cheers:

  2. SQUEEE!!! I can’t wait either!!!

  3. That’s mighty darn cool! Even slightly cooler would be if it were “stuck” to the Lodestone. I have the pin which my love game me last Valentine’s Day. :)

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