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New Elfquest in Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated

Elfquest artist and co-creator Wendy Pini has pulled out all the stops to give readers a look at the darker side of the long-running fantasy saga in a tale to appear in an eagerly-awaited new fantasy magazine.

Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated #1 is scheduled for release in early February, 1998. The 100-page, quarterly magazine, published by Quantum Cat Entertainment with the approval of the Frazetta family, will feature fantasy and science-fiction art and text in traditional comics-style format from a wide assortment of well-known artists and writers.

The first issue’s stories feature first appearances of major new characters from Richard Corben, Tony Daniel, Joe Jusko, Joseph Linsner, and William Stout. Also appearing are a new Elfquest story from Wendy and Richard Pini and a new Kabuki tale from David Mack.

The sixteen page Elfquest story, “The Jury,” is a fully painted tale about a pet wolf-dog reverting to its wolf nature. Its master takes the wolf-dog into the woods to end its life – but both are captured by the Wolfriders, and a trial ensues in which the elves determine both their fates. Of the story, Wendy Pini says, “The story will include a lot of deep, dark shadows and glowing eyes – my favorite special effects.”

Two of the painted pages, without dialog, are presented here to whet viewers’ appetites.

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