Palace Dwellers

The Palace Dwellers are a group of elves that have returned to the Palace of the High Ones, the ancestral elfin home. There, under the tutelage of Firstcomer Timmain, they are learning the magical ways of their ancestors in the hopes of one day leaving the World of Two Moons and returning the stars.

The Palace Dwellers are made up of elves originally from a variety of elfin tribes, including Sun Folk, Wolfriders, Go-Backs, Gliders, as well as lone wanderers and elves of unknown origins that have answered the great call to return to the Palace.

In addition to the living Palace Dwellers, the spirits of many elves are also present there. After death, the spirits of immortal elves exist within the reach of the Palace’s aura, which extends into space surrounding the World of Two Moons, though many choose to inhabit the magical structure. The spirits of Wolfriders, unique among elves in being truly native to the World of Two Moons, are not tied to the Palace like other elves’ spirits and are free to roam where they will after death.

Known living Palace Dwellers include:

Elfin pilgrims from around the World of Two Moons and the majority of the living Sun Folk • SavahSun ToucherToorahIngenJarrahVurdahMaleenMinyahDodia • Harotim • Serrin • Ahdri • Moonshade • Skywise • Sunstream • Dre-ahn • Windkin • Venka • Aurek • Aroree •


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