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Pre-Order The Complete ElfQuest Volume Three

Complete Elfquest Vol 3

Volume Three of the Complete ElfQuest graphic novel series from Dark Horse Comics is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

Like the first two volumes, this book will collect several chapters of the saga in an affordable, softcover omnibus, but unlike the previous ones, Volume Three will feature some stories in full, glorious color.

From Richard Pini:

This is going to be (far as planned right now) a very special entry into the Complete ElfQuest series. They were planned to be black and white, so that they could be made affordable, but since this volume contains Hidden Years #1-5, Dark Horse went the extra mile to include those five stories in color, since the art is all watercolor by Wendy, and there was just no way I wanted these particular issues halftoned.

The Complete ElfQuest Volume Three will be 432 pages and becomes available on Amazon in August 2016.

Pre-order it now and watch this page for more details on the specific contents of this new ElfQuest collection.


  1. This is incredible news! I love Elfquest and am spending a fortune ensuring the full color storyline can be passed down to my son. It is my hope there will be future re-prints of hardback color volumes because like it or not, after much use paperback does not hold up as well.

  2. Alright, the suspense is killing me. Which stories will be included? We know that Hidden Years 1 – 5 are there, about 145 pages. The cover leads me to believe that the Dreamtime storyline is included, about 161 pages. If the total is 432 pages that leaves 127 to go. What fits? I suspect it will be Hidden Years 6 – 9, which is about 108 pages. It leaves 18 for extras like behind the scenes storyboards, commentary, and the like that the earlier two volumes had. If Dark Horse wanted publishing continuity, that would make sense to have HY 1 – 9, but Dreamtime was published much later but fits here in the timeline, so who knows? I was also partial to the Rouge’s Challenge graphic novel that collected HY 6 – 9.5 with extra bridging pages to make a coherent storyline, but there isn’t space for issue 9.5. Maybe just the extra 5 or 6 bridging pages make the cut? The Kahvi mini-series fits here too, timeline-wise, but it is 144 pages so that is too long. The Jury had artwork that could be done in color and that was short, about 16 pages, so maybe that fits?

  3. I’m sorry if this is not an appropriate place to comment. I am having a lot of trouble finding anywhere to ask questions of the community on this site now that the forum is no longer active. Furthermore, the search feature does not seem to work so I cannot search for relevant topics on this news site to leave a comment. This is the closest I could find to a post that relates to my question (a post about an EQ collection, albeit not the collection in question!)

    Question: Who did the colors in the Father Tree editions of Elfquest? How about the colors that came out in later editions? Is there any way to view SaBM & KotBW in their original (pre-Father Tree) colors? I’m really confused about this.

    Bonus Question: How and where are we supposed to discuss EQ items that don’t directly relate to the news on the main page?

    Thanks very much.

    • The colors for the Father Tree editions of the color collections were done by Chelsea Animation, a studio based out of (if memory serves) Virginia. They were (maybe still are) in the business of providing animation for commercials and the like. We wanted the look of the Father Tree books to resemble cartoon animation, as opposed to the iffy coloring of the earlier, Starblaze editions. “Siege at Blue Mountain” and “Kings of the Broken Wheel” were never colored prior to the Father Tree editions. When DC Comics reissued the first four Elfquest collections in their Archive series, the coloring was done entirely digitally, by Wendy herself.

      Bonus answer: If you’re on Facebook, there are several pages devoted to such discussions. One is the official Elfquest page; another is the Elfquest fan group. The old site forum has been shut down for a while, and is currently read-only for archival purposes.

  4. Very exciting. I’m very pleased with these new omnibuses. The B&W format has given me new appreciation of the art and layout.

    But I second Myriad: What’s going to be included?

    Also, FWIW, I love my Starblaze editions. :)

  5. Richard Pini

    Richard Pini on March 6, 2016

    The lineup for Complete EQ volume 3 is: Hidden Years 1-5 (special color section because Wendy’s watercolor pages simply won’t be reduced to black and white tone), Hidden Years 8 and 9, Hidden Years 9 1/2, and all of Dreamtime. Plus extras, and I just don’t recall what those are at the moment.

    Your first question (I just know) is, “Wait, what happened to Hidden Years 6 and 7?” Somewhere else, I commented that Warp and Dark Horse made a command decision regarding these volumes. Rather than try to Frankenstein-patch all past, present, and future tales into one single narrative, we decided to focus on the Wolfriders, as we met them in the very first (and only) issue of Fantasy Quarterly. The thread starts there. Hidden Years 6 and 7 are back story only, and subject to some debate as to whether they are canon, so they are not included.

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