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Preview of Final Quest issue 21

Here’s a teaser of issue number 21 of ElfQuest: The Final Quest. This one has some major revelations, so we are giving an extra spoiler alert this time!

Throughout the entirety of ElfQuest, Cutter and Skywise have been ”brothers in all but blood.” Now the Stargazer must make an inescapable choice–remain on the World of Two Moons with his heart-family, or travel among the stars as he has always longed. Can his bond with Cutter survive? Meanwhile, human invaders once again threaten a sacred elf-home with fire, and there is only one who can stand in their way.

The full issue is out on August 23. Get it from your local comics shop, order it from TFAW or instantly download it from Dark Horse Digital or Comixology.

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  1. Chieftess White Eagle

    Chieftess_White_Eagle on August 23, 2017

    Great preview! Can’t wait to see the War-men ,AND that sick psychopath, Door, get their sorry behinds handed to them!


    On another note, though,I just have a bad feeling about Redlance, and whether he’s gonna make it.

    And IF, by any chance, he doesn’t…………

    Rest well, gentle treeshaper. We’ll howl for you, and for Nightfall, and remember you.


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