The Sun Folk’s Mother of Memory

Savah is the Mother of Memory and progenitor of the Sun Folk, founding the Sun Village thousands of years ago with her mother and three male elves, Yurek, Dreen and Maalvi. Regal and serene, Savah is the very soul of dignity, possessing gentle beauty and quiet wisdom. Savah longs for the time when elves and humans can live together in harmony. Savah never sleeps, but there are times when she withdraws to the astral plane, where she constantly searches for knowledge that will help other elves.

Savah has been mentor and teacher to Rayek, Sunstream, and Ahdri. “Savah’s love for her own kind is unconditional and all-forgiving. She loves to teach. Even when a pupil such as Rayek goes off the path of right action, she will not blame or reject but merely attempt to redirect.” [see The Big Elfquest Gatherum] Long ago, Savah was lifemated to Yurek. During the human’s invasion, Savah was shot by one of the human invaders and was forced to leave the Sun Village. After the shards of the Palace were recovered, Savah and the Sun Folk were liberated from their underground refuge and decided to dwell in the Palace.

Savah now dwells in the Palace of the High Ones, still an eternal presence, comfort and touchstone for all elves and those who seek her guidance.

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