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Final Quest Cover 15

After a slight delay, we’ve got a date for Final Quest issue #15. It will be available from Dark Horse Digital and in comics shops on July 27, 2016.

“After weeks of tracking, the Wolfrider rescue party finds Cutter in the clutches of an eerie new tribe of elves. But are they too late to save their chief from plunging over the edge of madness? Two-Edge and Ekuar rekindle their strange friendship – to ally against Rayek. How will this shocking turnabout affect the advancing human war fleet and the shape-changed WaveDancers who follow in its wake?”


  1. I wonder if Moonshade will have some advice to give to Cutter of what she learns inside the palace and the changes she is experiencing herself or if Cutter discovers some secrets himself after spending time with the new strange elves?

    But Strongbow and Moonshade… ;____;

  2. Hmmm, I’m not remembering any scenes between Two Edge and Ekuar…

  3. Oh yeah. I wonder what Shuna has been up to and if we will be seeing her anytime soon. :O At some point maybe?

  4. It is hard to say from the scale, but Moonshade appears to be taller. Her hair is longer too

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