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Final Quest 13 Windkin Rescue

Dark Horse has posted a four-page preview of the new issue of Final Quest. View them here.

The full issue is available in comic shops and via Dark Horse Digital on January 27th.


  1. I was trying to figure out who the blonde haired Wavedancer is…she looked a bit off. I guess this is why (from WD1). Heck, drawing all those elves is a lot of work. Shortcuts are OK sometimes. Especially if it frees up time for drawing what I suspect will be a very complex new tribe in a couple months!

  2. Great catch Weaver! That stood out to me too. Sandsparkle as originally drawn by Kathering Bollinger got a remake from Wendy and Sonny. And yes, especially for the backgrounds these kinds of shortcuts I think must be an enormous time saver to Wendy can focus on more important panels.

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