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The first four pages of issue number 12 of the Final Quest have just been posted. Head over to Dark Horse’s website to view them!  The full issue is out on November 25.

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  1. Friday the 13th indeed…’nuff said for now.

  2. I hate it. Nothing ever indicated this deep relationship between Timmain and Cutter. This is me breaking up. For 30 years I was a dedicated fan. Bye bye elfquest.

  3. I don’t love it. But it isn’t as big of a break with the storyline as I was fearing. Still seems unnecessary. Both Timmain and Cutter were good enough alone. So she basically stole the chance for a new elf to be born by entering the vessel of Cutter?? Seems pretty selfish.

    Helps explain why Suntop is so special I guess.

  4. please remember folks, this is only 4 pages of, what, 30 just in this issue? and we’re only about half-way through FQ… who KNOWS what’s going to change?! in my opinion, we should try to save judgement for when it’s complete… and personally, i’m LOVING how Wendy’s turning everything on it’s head after all this time, knowing what she was going to do all along! it’s VERY good storytelling, especially since NONE of us guessed this was coming! that alone is SO amazing and awesome, IMHO! :shapechanger: :cool:

  5. okay…

    So, first thing that comes to mind is that Jink is Skywise and Timmain… er, Cutter’s daughter. Which begs the question of who is the chief in FutureQuest who says that they need to get his daughter – Skywise or Cutter?

    … how can Timmain split her spirit without any damage to either half? Or are we really talking ‘Energy cannot be destroyed only moved and transformed’ here?
    When Rayek and Winnowill say that they are one soul in two bodies, are they the same kind of creature/creatures as Timmain and Cutter? Is that what happened to Haken? And if they are the same soul, why haven’t they merged into one being now that Winnowill’s body has died – does this imply that they aren’t the same soul?

    … wolf-Timmain was in the troll’s pit for over twenty years? That’s some forward planning on the troll’s part.

    … Sunstream and Ember are half High One… which I guess they always were if Leetah’s family tree consists of all pure-blood elves.

    … when Cutter dies, will his spirit re-merge with the living half of Timmain’s? That implies that he, as a Wolfrider, will NOT get to go where he chooses when his body dies.
    How many other spirit-High Ones are out there in new product-of-Recognition bodies?

    … back a few issues to the tree elves. One of them seemed noticeably bigger than the others – surviving High One?

  6. Timmain said she and Cutter’s connection is unique among their kind. I’m guessing that rules out a similar connection between Rayek and Winnowill.

    Timmain told Cutter his spirit will get to go where it wants after death, but his “skin” will continue because she will still have an immortal body. I’m wondering if now that a piece of Tam has been separate from Timmain for so long, can it keep a separate identity in the future? Even a clone isn’t a perfect copy of the original, and Cutter has had different experiences and developed a separate personality. Can he choose to remain separate after death? Will he have to be reabsorbed even if he doesn’t want to be? Geez, what a crappy situation for him.

  7. I’m still not sure wether I like this plot-twist or not… What I do love however, is that Wendy can make me respond so heavily. Just goes to show how much of an impact her work has had on a lot of us :)

    What I like about this:
    – the planning, oh the planning. Lots of people on facebook are already posting panels from older issues that suddenly mean something else in this context. Well done, Pini’s… Well done. It does prove that it doesn’t come as out of the blue as it seems. I’m curious if this has indeed been cooked up from the very beginning or not. (all hinty panels like Rayek’s candle analogy can still stand in their own context, if you take his revelation out of the picture).
    – the possibilities. Of course: Jink. But also; are Suntop and Ember now sort of heirs to 2 thrones? The Stars and The Way?
    – It stays in keeping with Timmain’s character. She changed into a wolf, which cost her a lot, to try and learn from this world. She kept doing that when on the brink of death, even splitting her soul up so it can continue learning…

    What I don’t like about this (yet, since it’s obviously not the whole story):
    – Timmain and Cutter were both special enough in their own right. This revelation makes them even bigger as characters and it somehow feels a bit over the top, out of balance. Cutter has always been special because of his actions, his choices, his own doing. Now, he’s special by birth and I never really cared much for that type of character. Like any story where some poor farmers boy turns out to be destined by some prophecy to become king / hero / magician etc etc etc. It kind of diminishes his authenticity, I guess?
    – A lot of ifs and buts. So Timmain is the only elf that managed to a) mate with a wolf and produce offspring b) split her soul in two and c) have that soul enter a new elf being made during recognition? That’s a LOT of one-timers for one character to pull off. Why only her? Saying ‘it can only happen once’ is fiddly. It makes it feel less natural, and so far all EQ plot twists and OMG moments have always been, well, logical within the ‘laws of the universe’. Heck, the Pini’s even pulled off time travel like a master! (seriously, KotBW, masterpiece, period!)

    – Why tell Cutter now? Why tell Cutter at all? It basically destroys any trace of the now of wolf thought he has left. It feels like she kicked him out of ‘the way’.
    – So Timmain has known his thoughts and memories ever since they met in the wolf pit? Does this mean that now that the door has been opened, Cutter knows all of Timmain’s thoughts and memories? *headsplodes*
    – So should we start calling Cutter and Skywise ‘couple in all but sex’ now instead of ‘brothers in all but blood’? :twisted:

    But hey, as always: Change is growth, love is never lost.
    (possibly my favorite EQ quote, haha)

  8. To every being, there is a female and male aspect. Since Rayek and Winnowill are one, it actually makes sense that Cutter and Timmain are also…..

  9. Timmain can’t be the only elf to have ever done everything on Abode. Haken was also one elf able to channel his powers/abilities here. Why is it impossible to say that Winnowill and Rayek are not soul versions of him? Other than Wendy and Richard of course. I do think it possible and likely that Haken did it first and separately from Timmain. Haken was banished not killed, and we do not know of his fate. He could even be still alive out there somewhere, could even explain the tree elves, perhaps? We know he could shape bodies, maybe with time and practice he did what Timmain did? And if he still lives he too would hear the Call. Mightent he return?

  10. I must say I actually quite like this development. It amazes me that it has come as a complete surprise, and yet at the same time is actually a logical development looking back. How often can a favourite author or creator really amaze you? It seems to me the better I get to know someone’s creative work, their ability to shock begins to diminish. You get to know their way of thinking, the way their plots work, you learn what to expect. Not so the Pinis! I really did not see this coming at all, and I absolutely love that. I am loving re-reading old issues, seeing them in a new light.

    Some things I’m thinking:

    I feel there’s more to this. They are one soul, but somehow Cutter seems more than this. Their personalities are obviously shaped by their different lives and experiences, but I also think there is more than this to separate them. Clearbrook commented in the OQ that Cutter had inherited the best of both his parents, and it seems to me that there is a lot of Bearclaw and Joyleaf in him. Like Joyleaf says in the preview: “we have made a cub who is all that we are, and more”.

    I suppose we can also forget the idea that Jink is Timmain and Cutter’s daughter, making Timmain and Skywise the front-runners for me. Then again, I’m not taking anything for granted now!

    I have this nagging feeling Timmain won’t survive FQ. I am hoping their souls won’t merge, as many are speculating, and that would leave Cutter as the new master of the palace, whilst Ember follows the Way. I hope the splitting of souls was permanent.

    Gah, the waiting is unbearable!

  11. I think you’ve hit on it, Arien. Cutter becomes master of the palace and then feels obligated to allow Leetah to remove his wolf blood, so Timmain’s part of his spirit will be housed in an immortal body. He sacrifices his connection to the Way, rather than embracing it as Moonshade has, but as a consolation he gets to stay with Leetah and Skywise.

    I’ve been thinking about this idea of the elf/aliens and their “learning” through risk and change. Is it good that some, like Moonshade, feel they’ve learned enough and want to stop? Didn’t Winnowill think that was best for everyone? For the elves who leave the World of Two Moons, are they going somewhere else to learn more things or are they done? Don’t they have an obligation to take all the trolls and Preservers, too, if any want to come?

  12. This new plot definitively brings more questions than answers (Geez, this is X-files all over again). I was not sure if I liked it or not, but I begin to get used to the idea of splitted spirit, whatever it implies. It sounds like it is full of surprises. I still have difficulties to master how a Spirit can turn into twin flames. It seems to be related to souls being made of energy, but I miss data here :)

    Regarding the obvious query on who is the master of the palace in Future Quest, I fear the choice is now wider: is it Cutter, Skywise or… Timain ? If Jink is indeed the daughter of Timain and Skywise, all three of them can claim parenthood.

  13. Did WaRP really have this planned from the beginning?? I’m getting on board with the idea and look forward to reading how the concept is quilted into the canon, but it sure seems like an idea that was conceived way into making EQ…

    Couple other comments:
    In the preview Timmain says “Leetah knows Tam.” This doesn’t necessarily answer Cutter’s question. It could just mean that Leetah knows Cutter/Timmain’s soul.

    Timmain specifically states that Wolfriders share soul names – not elves. Do we really understand the difference between Wolfriders and the pureblood elves on a spiritual level?

  14. Thornbrake, that panels ‘proves’ nothing. Cutter had just almost died right as the Go-Backs found him. That’s what Cutter was referring to. This doesn’t exactly explain anything just because Timmain was in a pit and on the verge of death as a wolf decades before. We don’t even know if she was still that close to death so many decades later. This is just looking for connections to try and make everything ‘fit’.

  15. I had to look to the original event. After a few erands, I found it in WolfRider. I somehow think the whole thing was hinted long ago.

    Also, the more I think of it, the more it sounds logical. Remember that Skywise is the Richard-elf, and Cutter is the Wendy-elf. Elfmom just found a way to make it fit now. A female soul in her elf-self :)

    As for hints, see it for yourself:


    The seed of THIS joining will, in some mysterious fashion, change the wolfriders – and the Way – for all time.


    We have made a cub beloved…
    Who is ALL we are…
    And MORE.

  16. If two souls can occupy one body, is it that far a stretch for one soul to inhabit two bodies?

    And those that say there was no preparing us for this, Rayek opened the door to the possibility that two skins can have one soul…

  17. “Any Spirit is ALL spirits.”

    Could elves (or Côneheads for that Matter) be the incarnation of a collective Spirit? And death would just recall souls to the common pool (materialized by the Palace)?

    Would recognition, or any elf child, just be the result of a special merge of 2 pieces of souls coming from both parents? What would make Cutter special would be to be born as a twin soul? Too many questions from a single truth revealed… My head hurts.

  18. Maybe Winnowill’s comment of “We are the High Ones” can now be seen in a new context, especially if the plot line has been brewing for such a long time.

    Cutter is, kind of, a High One, so is it much of stretch for Winnowill, via soul-splitting to be one too? Perhaps that was part of her revelation that sent her over the edge, that she is a reincarnation of a High One… doesn’t look as if Cutter is going to take it too well either…

  19. I finally read the new issue. I’m not sure if I like it or not. Some thoughts one the first 4 pages:

    I think the two flashback-hints (“blend one candle flame with another” and “two handfuls of water become one”) miss the point. Rayek was talking time-traveling. He was referring to the idea that the present self will become one with the future self, because they are ONE soul. And Cutter was simply talking about recognition, which is two different souls becoming one, and therefore something completely different. So if these two flashbacks were meant say “See, it’s been planned all along” – sorry, I don’t buy it. I don’t think this major plot twist was there in the Original Quest. There MIGHT have been an idea of soul-sharing in SIEGE, but that was about Rayek and Winnowill, not about Cutter.

    Speaking of which – here’s another idea. Wendy said “you might want to re-read ‘Wolfrider’ in preparation for #12”. I did. But the recognition-scene didn’t reveal anything for me. “… who is all we are, and more” – that can mean anything. But what DID strike me was Blackfell! A mysterious wolf without a pack appears from nowhere and becomes Bearclaw’s new wolffriend. Blackfells lives for years and years and years (he appears even before Skywise was born!). And he’s black. Haken-black.
    Just saying. 😉

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