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Sonny’s ElfQuest Poster

Sonny Poster

Fresh off the success of the ElfQuest art book Kickstarter campaign, we’ve got vintage art on our mind. While the new books that will be published as a result of the Kickstarter by Flesk Publications focus solely on Wendy’s art, there is art by other ElfQuest artists out there worthy of remembering too.

Sonny Strait, one-time apprentice to Wendy and current colorist on the Final Quest, did this wonderful poster way back in 2001.  Here’s what he has to say about it:

Found this while organizing the garage.

An Elfquest poster I drew back in 2001. Colors by Wendy Pini (there’s a switch, eh, Sensei Sis?)

This was back when I was Wendy’s apprentice.

I drew over 100 pages of Elfquest and then Wendy asked me if I could “draw an Elfquest poster that had a Dragonball Z feel to it.” Here’s what I came up with.

It was used as a mini-poster insert in our “Elfquest 2001 Summer Special.” Richard Pini also printed it on an 8 foot display for their booth that year at Comicon. He didn’t tell me he was going to do that. I remember signing at the Funimation table then heading to meet Richard and Wendy at their table then “BOO! Here’s your art in yo face!”

Mind. Blown.

This particular copy didn’t come from a comic book insert. This was printed off Wendy’s studio printer as a color test.

I know I could draw this better today (hey, it’s been 15 years) but this isn’t too bad for a young apprentice of only 35.

See more of Sonny’s ElfQuest art in the graphic novelIn All But Blood.”

In All But Blood Cover


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