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Order three great books about Elfquest and Wendy’s art

artofelfquestFlesk Publications has officially started their Kickstarter for ‘The Art of Elfquest’ and ‘Line of Beauty.’ Check it out and get in on the action today!

Welcome to our Art of Wendy Pini Kickstarter campaign. We are making available three different and amazing books that showcase the career of Wendy Pini. These three titles combined contain over 900 pages of material that comes direct from the Pini archives. Almost every piece has been scanned from the original artwork, meticulously preserved by the Pini’s since the 1970s.

The Art of Elfquest, Elfquest: The Art of the Story, and Line of Beauty: The Art of Wendy Pini together present an unprecedented look at a career that has spanned over 40 years and has warmed the hearts of generations of fans.

Hardcover trade editions and special deluxe limited editions are being offered. This Kickstarter campaign, if successful, will guarantee the creation of three gorgeous premium editions, plus give you terrific rewards.

Art of Elfquest & Line of Beauty by Wendy and Richard Pini [Kickstarter]



  1. YES! These are going to be SO awesome, and Wendy and Richard deserve it.

    And oh, did you notice that they are offering an EQ COLORING BOOK as one of the stretch goals?! Get pledging, people!

  2. WOW, I don´t know what I should say more :)
    This would really be awesome.

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