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Two New ElfQuest Graphic Novels in 2018

Dark Horse Comics has announced two new ElfQuest graphic novels for 2018.

The Complete ElfQuest Volume 5 continues the canonical adventures of the Wolfriders. With Cutter leading his warriors against the human warlord Grohmul Djun, his chief-daughter Ember takes her tribemates far away into unknown lands, where she pits her skills and courage against new threats and unexpected revelations. At a hefty 720 pages, it collects material from Elfquest – Hidden Years #16-29, as well as the entire “Wild Hunt” sequence from Elfquest comics (vol.2). A stunning collection of art and story from Wendy and Richard Pini and others.

Available June 2018. Pre-order here.


The Final Quest Volume 4 collects issues #19-24 of The Final Quest, Wendy and Richard Pini’s newest and most mind-blowing adventures of the Wolfriders!

This is it — the startling conclusion to the most world-changing chapter in all of ElfQuest: Final Quest! It is time for the Palace of the High Ones to return the elves of the World of Two Moons to their original Star Home, but not all have chosen to go. As human invaders threaten the sacred Father Tree itself, in the heart of the Wolfriders’ home, freedom of choice comes with a terrible price.

Available July 2018. Pre-order here. 

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  1. The Complete EQ Volume 5 looks like a real winner. It’s one thing to collect individual comic issues of Hidden Years, but grouping the serialized Wild Hunt story line from EQ2 is fantastic. The old Readers Collection graphic novel is long out of print and darn near impossible to find second hand for less than a mint. It’s great for new fans to finally get ahold of this. I wonder, how much will it contain? It will be a hefty book to fit both Hidden Years and Wild Hunt. Will it print the Mender’s Tale storyline, including the conclusion that is only online? How about the Betwixt tales?

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