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Watch Wendy Pini Draw ElfQuest on SYFY WIRE

SYFY WIRE has released a wonderful video of ElfQuest artist and co-creator Wendy Pini drawing the series’ main character, Cutter. Watch below as Wendy describes her drawing style, manga influence on her ElfQuest work, tips she learned from Jack Kirby and Boris Vallejo and much more.


  1. This video is not available… humm. Maybe the trolls took it?

  2. In the days of an international world, the era of the world-wide (!) web, we still seem to suffer from geo-blocking. Is there possibly any licensing issue involved?

  3. FairyRing (Prayer)

    FairyRing (Prayer) on May 16, 2018

    What a pity, I can’t watch the video either (video is not available). :-(

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