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“What the **** are those things?!”

This is exactly what David Mizejewski and Ryan Browne, creators and producers of the one-and-only Elfquest Show podcast, said when they first laid eyes on the newly-released Final Quest #8. (By the way, that issue is out in comic shops today, Wednesday, March 25, as well as available as a digital download right here from Dark Horse Digital.)

What do we know about them? They are elves, descendants of the original Firstcomers. (This is, after all, still Elfquest, not Ent-quest or Dryad-quest or Heap-quest or Swamp-Thing-quest.) They look pretty spooky. They are “the most hidden of the hidden.” Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to use your imagination to answer the original question: “What the **** are those things?!” Wendy and Richard already know, and have for years. “Wood” you care to take a guess?


  1. And I’m STILL asking it!!

    (Before anyone asks, the latest episode of the podcast isn’t live yet, but Ryan is working on final edits now, so stay tuned.)

  2. I am going for Wood-elfes. Just Shapechanged to be able to hide quickly when danger is near.
    Kind of like we saw Timmain, when Cutter learned the truth about his people through Winnowill.

  3. They look like tree spirits or something. Ancient leftover magic.

  4. “I am Groot.” Well, more like “We are Groot.”

  5. Well, I bet Redlance will adore them.

  6. I’m with Eyeshigh on this one. Perhaps descendents of Kaslen… Goodtree… Like Redlance very in tune with plant life “tree-shapers”, changed for their own protection.

  7. My first thought was tree ents. They almost look like they are melded with the trees.

  8. @SADACHBIA Thank you for that! I hadn’t even thought of it that way. Love it!

    and @Thistledown, I hadn’t tought of that either. Redlance may want a makeover now!

  9. They don’t appear very happy to receive any attention…

  10. Possibly descendents of Timmain? So I’m just going to leave this here…​​

  11. Which “wood” is what I want to know.

  12. Livie the Lurker

    Livie the Lurker on March 26, 2015

    Well, the High Ones that became the Wolfriders took their cue from the wolves, the way they hunted and found shelter, even before Timmain shapechanged. If the wood elves’ ancestors ended up somewhere even more dangerous they might have taken a different cue from nature – camoflague. The Wavedancers have shown that it’s possible for elves to change to the point where there’s no need for individual shaping, so any children born would look like a plant.

    Now I have this picture in my head though:
    Cutter: “Whew! That was a quest and a half. Come on tribe, what say we settle down in this nice grove for the next…. Did that tree just move?”

  13. Huh. Bit surprised you’d post a spoiler like that image right to the website just one day after the issue’s out.

  14. Livie the Lurker

    Livie the Lurker on March 26, 2015

    PS. What would the child of a wood elf and a “normal looking” elf look like? Discuss.

  15. captainvimes on March 26, 2015

    @Hyakurin: omg, that could be a real possibility!
    Wolfriders are the result of Timmain mating with a wolf. These tree elves could be a result of, well, I’ll leave the biology of it all to the experts, probably bees are involved πŸ˜‰

    But still, yeah, maybe… It would be fantastic though, if that has been simmering in the pot all those years.

  16. Does one of them have a beard? So far, face-fur has been a hallmark of mortal elves, but I guess this could prove to be just “moss in the right place”…

  17. Livie the Lurker

    Livie the Lurker on March 26, 2015

    @CaptainVimes: Your theory is cool, but there is a problem with it I’m afraid. The Pini’s posted this article on the official Elfquest page on Facebook long ago:!/notes/elfquest-the-official-page/on-elves-and-humans-doing-the-dirty-deed/10151044299254591

    As you can see, they’ve essentially decided that Timmain breeding with an indigenous species of the WOTM was a unique thing. Of course it doesn’t mention plants, but I presume the principal counts.

  18. omg…
    Wooden elves…
    Wooden…Friggin…Elves…the Donnovoi!!!

    the irony is, i see EQFQ#8, and part of my final project for my Game Design course, was my prototype for Shadows of Fayre (my own campaign setting) one of my ideas i had for it, was a group of Elves transformed into 100% treefolk/elementals…and then i see this….
    Yes. yes, YES!! i know its a case of great minds thinking alike (okay, so my mind in NOWHERE near as great as ElfMom and ElfPop’s but STILL!!) admitted, they dont match what i had in my mind, but that alien, elemental, quality about them…just sends shivers down my spine!
    and who was that on the no-hump? just a stranger elf or is that one of ember’s tribemates? if so. remind me who? i feel bad asking, but none of the dress looked familiar.

  19. captainvimes on March 26, 2015

    Ah, that’s true.
    Okay, so it more likely selfshapers with a certain camouflage.
    Still, they look awesome!

  20. @Anke.. which image do you mean? The Wood-elfes? Cause that has been put up here by or at least aproved by Richard and Wendy Pini!
    We can’t post threads ourselves anymore.

  21. Arvins wrote:

    “Does one of them have a beard? So far, face-fur has been a hallmark of mortal elves, but I guess this could prove to be just β€œmoss in the right place”…”

    I’m guessing it’s just “moss” camouflage. The Wolfriders seem to have facefur because they are part wolf, and wolves are furry. The female wood elf has leafy appendages too. But will have to wait to find out!

  22. They do not look very friendly for sure.
    Maybe they live at Hearthstone continent?

  23. The map at the end seems to show a contact in the middle of Hearthstone, but previous maps suggest this is a barren desert region rather than a lush forest. I suspect that contact to be Rayek and Ekuar. The contact in the southern continent of Coldhaven, likely a tundra-like landscape, is the one I believe to be the lonely elf. Other contacts are easily recognized as known elf tribes. This leaves the island contact in the Redmist Ocean, just west of Hearthstone, being the most likely location of the Hidden.

  24. I’m not going to assume that the Hidden Ones always camouflage as trees. The “most hidden of the hidden” more than suggests to me that they are most adept at concealment. Maybe they always hide as trees, but I’m going to abstain from thinking of them as “wood” elves pending what we learn in future issues. Maybe they look like stone when next to stone…?

  25. Lynx, that’s a fascinating theory that I didn’t really consider!

  26. ​

    If we look back on the Original Quest, we see that Wendy did indeed leave a subtle hint of these beings.

    Timmain changed into a wolf to give her children a claim to the world. These Hidden Ones more than likely did not want to be part of the world and kept themselves camouflaged for countless years.

  27. We have been told that choices made in the OQ were going to effect what happens in the FQ. Perhaps this is one of those choices. :shapechanger:

  28. Looking closely, I suspect that tribe doesn’t actually have a “mixed” biology, but only shaped themselves for camouflage. The leaves on the female on the left may well be clothes/ornamentation, similar to some Wavedancer fashion (think Surge or Spray) – looks like there are straps that go under her arms that hold them on.
    Could be flesh-shaped ornamentation, too; I guess we’ll find out eventually.

    @Da Amron The guy with the pony is definitely not just part of Ember’s tribe. He’s new! :)

  29. Livie the Lurker

    Livie the Lurker on March 27, 2015

    @Da Amron and Anke: Someone posted an interesting speculation on Facebook (I was unable to find the post again, so I don’t know who to give proper credit to – sorry!)
    They speculated that the lone elf might be Teir’s stepbrother:

  30. That’s interesting! Yes!
    Because I don’t think it is Chot. The face is too different…..

  31. Livie the Lurker

    Livie the Lurker on March 27, 2015

    Definitely not Chot, they look nothing alike. Here’s Chot:

  32. Love these guys; they look very cool!

  33. Being that they are the “most hidden of the hidden”, I wonder how many might have sending abilities surpassing even Strongbow.

  34. That’s a good point, D. Rae. I hadn’t even thought of that. Perhaps they speak very little, if ever.

  35. Tree shapers who have tuned themselves so deeply with the trees that they have become as the forest? I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that our tribes have passed by them and missed them completely.
    Think of the forest that Ember’s tribe first came to. It had HUGE, ancient trees. In fact, Nightfall even points out that the trees “must have been growing since the First-Comers time” and the narration notes that Timmain is the only one who is relaxed here (and points to her Elfin memories as the cause of her ease!!)! (
    It also had those sneezy-flowers and stinging insects that drove the elves away. What better defense from humans who would chop down the trees or set them alight?

  36. ​​Come to think of it, this might put some of the stories from Dreamtime in a different perspective. The closing in of trees! (If it worked to upload the picture, note that for most of the frames the “hands” have four fingers).

  37. I think they’re using some kind of shapechanging magic like the wavedancers… This is a huge change for me but I’m also curious about them :)

  38. Could they be Rootless Ones, or descendants? I stumbled on this image in OQ issue 21, page 8​. Haven’t seen the Rootless Ones anywhere else in the comics, and it would fit the idea of “choices made in OQ that have impact on FQ” (have read this somewhere else in the discussion about FQ).

  39. Cloudchaser

    Cloudchaser on April 7, 2015

    @Niphredil Cool timeline! The Rootless Ones was the name of Yurek and Savahs original “tribe”, an offshoot of the followers on Voll (which eventually would become the Gliders). After some time the remaining five “Rootless Ones” crossed the Burning Waste and established Sorrows End.

  40. Thank you, @Cloudchaser! Can you tell me where to find those stories about the Rootless Ones and Yurek/Savah?

  41. Cloudchaser

    Cloudchaser on April 8, 2015

    No problem @Niphredil! I don’t think there has been so much in the comics, other than Savah showing the mural of the five surviving Sorrows End founders (, and Cutter and Skywise discussing that Nonna and Adars home must have been shaped by elves, and conclude that it might have been Savahs family ( And Yurek is also shown as one of the followers of young Lord Voll in a flashback (
    Other than that, most mentions have been in the novelization “Journey to Sorrows End” and there might have been some references in the “Blood of ten chiefs”-books, but I can’t remember at the moment. Both Yurek and Savahs character pages here at classifies them as “Rootless Ones”, and Yureks page even have a little bit of info about the “tribe” of the Rootless Ones.

  42. Just did some fan art of the mysterious tree elf female. SO intrigued by these creatures!​​​​​​

  43. They certainly aren’t HempQuest. lol I think they are a new form of elves one that has become symbiotic in nature shaping themselves to become one with nature.

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