The Sun Folk

The Sun Folk are an elfin community that settled in the desert oasis Sun Village called Sorrow’s End. Their beginnings lie with Savah, who was born into a group of elves known at the Rootless Ones. Fleeing human persecution, Savah and a small band of Rootless Ones traveled deep into the barren desert, where they founded the village and became Sun Folk.

The Sun Folk are an agrarian society, relying on the water of a deep well and the seasonal flooding of the desert to grow a variety of crops. A reliable food source and safety from human persecution allowed the Sun Folk to create a rich culture of art and ceremony. Though they can be somewhat sheltered and prone to good-natured gossip, the Sun Folk are generally a friendly, joyous people.

When natural disaster and human invasion eventually destroyed their village, the refugee Sun Folk took up residence in the Palace of the High Ones where they are learning the ways of their ancient ancestors, the High Ones.

The known Sun Folk include:

LeetahRayekSun ToucherShenshenToorahAhdriRuffelVurdahMaleenShushenDodia •  Zhantee • Ohler • Talmah • Minyah • Behtia • Ingen and Jarrah • Ahnshen • Thiro • AlekahTekshuHalek  • Lutei

The Rootless Ones that founded the Sun Folk were:

Savah • Yurek •  HassbetDreenMaalvi

Some Wolfriders chose the Sun Village for their home or were born there of both tribes:

EmberSunstreamDartMenderNewstarRainsongWingWoodlockWindkin • Kimo • Serrin • Bowki 

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