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A Forum thing happened on the way to the funnies!

Welcome to the latest version of the Elfquest social forums! It’s a fresh leaf, much simpler and hopefully more fun – more “tribal” – than the previous setup.

Check it out at

NEW! Log in using your Facebook and Twitter accounts. If you’ve already registered, you’ll need to do a password reset to get in: click “Forgot” on the login form and follow the instructions.

NEW! Visit on the go. The forums now look great on mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

NEW! Make it personal! We’ve created an Elfquest Avatar Maker, where you can design your own elf and download a headshot for use anywhere you fancy. Be sure to upload your avatar to your forum account — as well as your Facebook and Twitter profiles, too!

If you have any trouble figuring it out, spot a bug in need of squashing, or just have a suggestion, post in the “Meta” category. If you can’t get in at all, get relief at Elfquest’s Facebook page, or on Twitter at @elfquest.

PS: Galleries aren’t set up yet, so you’ll need to host images at other sites such as in order to post them to the forums. Be on the lookout for other cool new features as well in the coming weeks and months.

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