Hunter, provider, stitcher of torn hides

Adar loved his mate, Nonna, very much, though he did not always understand her or her devotion to the “Bird Spirits”—elves. He brought his new bride back from the Ho’an G’Tay Sho to his tribal village, but was forced to leave with her when the Bone Woman, his tribe’s witch doctor, perceived a threat in her connection to “demons” and spoke out against her.

Still, he wanted her to be happy, and knew that their forced exile left her lonely. While Adar was skeptical as to whether he should worship elves, he did enlist the help of Cutter and Skywise in order to return to his tribe. Doing so required their help in countering the crone’s influence; a task easily accomplished easily enough.

Adar was honest and brave. He mysteriously resembles Elfquest co-creator Richard Pini.

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