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ElfQuest Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride
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Wendy and Richard Pini Cancel Remaining 2021 Appearances
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When will Elfquest Stargazer’s Hunt #5 be out?
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Issue 4 of “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt” is Here
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First ElfQuest Novel Re-released in Print and Digital Editions
Wendy Pini Nominated for “Chesley” Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award
Wendy Pini Goes Deep in “Comic Book Creator” Interview
Support CDC Foundation with New ElfQuest Designs
Wendy and Richard Pini Discuss ElfQuest, New Projects During COVID
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Sonny Makes (Another) Funny
New ElfQuest on Hold During Pandemic
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Cancelling all appearances
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Second Issue of “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt” is Here
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First Issue of “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt” is Here
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Charlie Meyerson’s 1984 Interview with Wendy and Richard Pini
“ElfQuest – Final Quest” To Be Collected in Omnibus Volume
Sonny Strait solves Hollywood’s problem with ElfQuest
Watch: Wendy Pini Takes Questions While Sketching
Listen to Episode 41 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast
Wendy and Richard Pini Inducted to Eisner Hall of Fame
Wendy and Richard Pini Chat with Popcorn Talk at San Diego Comic-Con
Dark Horse Comics Announces New ElfQuest Series “Stargazer’s Hunt”
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Elfquest Katakana tee
New design in the Elfquest store: The Lodestone
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2019 Appearance Schedule
Old Troll – New Insights
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Wendy and Richard Pini Nominated for Eisner Hall of Fame
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The Winner of the Forty Years of Pointed Ears Contest Is…
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Winnowill Halloween cosplay
The Complete ElfQuest Volume 5 is Here
Wendy Pini Creates “Real Life” Leetah
ElfQuest Featured on NPR
New ElfQuest Character Gets a Nickname
ElfQuest Featured on Women Who Write Comics
ElfQuest Featured in “The Comic Book History of Comics”
Volume Six of the Complete ElfQuest Announced
ElfQuest Art Auctioned to Support Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
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Fan-Father Introduces His Kids to ElfQuest
ElfQuest Makes Vulture’s “The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics”
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Three New ElfQuest Designs for Apparel, Prints and More
What to Expect at “Forty Years of Pointed Ears” Tour Appearances
ElfQuest Writer Joellyn Auklandus on The Final Quest’s Conclusion
A Heartfelt Thank You
Watch SYFY Interview with Wendy and Richard Pini
Wendy and Richard Pini Conclude ElfQuest, Launch Appearance Tour and Exclusive Social Media Giveaway
The Final Issue of
“ElfQuest – The Final Quest” is Here

Final Quest 24 – See Preview and Press Release
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Wendy Pini Featured in New Book on History of Comic Shops
How Elfquest made me a better man
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Penultimate Issue: Final Quest 23 is Here
Sonny Strait – Some Reflections as
“Final Quest” Colorist

See Preview of Final Quest 23
Two New ElfQuest Graphic Novels in 2018
Dark Horse Comics Releases ElfQuest 40th Anniversary Ashcan
Wendy Pini Featured in “She Makes Comics” Documentary
Cover Art for Final Quest Issue 24 Revealed
Listen to Special Double-Episode ElfQuest Show Podcast
Richard Pini Interviewed on The AngryGeeks Show
New ElfQuest Show Podcast: San Diego Comic-Con Comixology Panel
New Issue: Final Quest 22 is Here
Preview of Final Quest Issue 22
Cover Art of Final Quest 23 Revealed
New Elfquest tees, and more!
Party in the Holt
New Issue: Final Quest 21 is Here
Watch San Diego Comic-Con Panel “Countdown to Final Quest”
Preview of Final Quest issue 21
Cover Art of Final Quest 22 Revealed
Line of Beauty review: “Stunning biography of Wendy Pini”
ElfQuest makes NPR’s 100 Favorite Comics And Graphic Novels list
Elfquest gets shout-out from NPR Books
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Final Quest 20 is Here
Share your Pride with a brand-new ElfQuest design
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Preview Final Quest Volume 3 Graphic Novel
SDCC 2017
Cover Art of Final Quest Issue 21 Is Released
Listen to Special Podcast about Line of Beauty: the Art of Wendy Pini
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ElfQuest Gets Shout-Out in Netflix Series “The Get Down”
Final Quest 19 is here
Final Quest Issue 19 RELEASE DATE UPDATE
Cover Art of ElfQuest Final Quest #20 Released
Preview The Final Quest #19
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Final Quest 18 is Here
Cosplayer Brings ElfQuest’s Brill to Life
Preview of Final Quest #18
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Cover Art of Final Quest Issue 19 is Released
Holiday Designs available for a limited time
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Final Quest #17 Is Here
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Final Quest Volume 3 Available for Pre-Order
Preview of Final Quest #17
Retro Nightfall Now Available and other exciting news
Complete ElfQuest Volume 3 is Here
Winnowill Halloween Cosplay Homage
Thoughts on Final Quest #18
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Wendy Pini Makes Special Appearance at P-22 Day
Cover Art of Final Quest #18 is released
New YouTube Channel Devoted to Collecting ElfQuest
Final Quest #16 Is Here
Preview for Final Quest #16
Exclusive Wendy Pini Art Print Supports Wildlife Conservation
Cover Art of Final Quest #17 is Released
True Peace and Darkwoods Cutter now available
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ElfQuest Summer Sale is beginning!
Wendy in the French press magazine “Comic Box”
Final Quest #15 is Here
Make your own ElfQuest lantern
ElfQuest at San Diego Comic-Con 2016
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Cool Chibi Animation of Cutter and Skywise
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SDCC 2016 Schedule
Twenty-Five Times ElfQuest Made Us Laugh
Cover Art of Final Quest #16 Revealed
Art of the Story Unboxing
New Redbubble Design
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ElfQuest’s Most Powerful Motherhood Moments
Autographed issues of Final Quest Volume 2 Now Available
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Googly Eyed ElfQuest
ElfQuest Cosplayers Hit C2E2
Final Quest #14 is Here
Dewshine: Eighties Fashion Icon
See the Preview Pages of Final Quest #14
The Final Quest Volume 2 Available for Preorder
Vintage Elfquest Action Figures Get a Photo Shoot
Longtime ElfQuest Fan Binge-Reads Final Quest, Freaks Out
Ember Design available for a limited time
Creator’s Insight: the Inspiration for Korafay
Final Quest Issue #15 News
Listen to Episode 23 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast
Wendy and Richard will be at the LA Vintage Paperback Show
The Powerful Women of Elfquest
Art of Elfquest Unboxing
One-Eye and Clearbrook Design Available for Limited Time
See the Preview Pages for Final Quest #13
Listen to Special Halfway Mark Episode of the ElfQuest Show Podcast
Elfquest now at Redbubble
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To each and everyone of you
Pre-Order The Complete ElfQuest Volume Three
Final Quest #14 cover
See the Preview Pages of Final Quest #12
Children of Elfquest
Elfquest themed wedding
ElfQuest Characters as Iconic Halloween Monsters
Check Out These ElfQuest-Themed Pumpkins
Deluxe Edition of “The Art of Elfquest”
Sonny’s ElfQuest Poster
The Final Quest #13 cover
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Kickstarter update: 4th stretch goal
ElfQuest Kickstarter Enters Final Days
Final Quest #11 is Here!
Final Quest #11 Preview
Order three great books about Elfquest and Wendy’s art
Final Quest Issue 12 Cover and teaser
10 Reasons to Pay Attention to ElfQuest Background Art
Librarian shares where her obsession started
Complete Elfquest now available in German
ElfQuest is #1 on Buzzfeed’s Most Life-Changing Graphic Novels List
Listen to Episode 19 of the ElfQuest Show
Final Quest #10 is Here!
Wendy and Richard interviewed by Comic Wow!
Final Quest #10 Preview
Twenty Tear-Jerker Moments in ElfQuest
Dark Horse and Comixology
Translations are headed your way
Wendy and Richard will be at San Diego Comic Con 2015 (UPDATED)
20 Times ElfQuest Dads Were the Greatest
Final Quest Issue 11 Cover and Teaser
Oddbit, the Original Material Girl
Listen to Episode 18 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast
More New Moon bling from Badali Jewelry
What does the healer know?
Bearclaw as you’ve never seen him before
Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume 2
Elfquest meets Shakespeare
Cool Elfquest tools for the web
Strongbow at the Antwerp Convention #5
Elfquest in education
Huntress Skyfire captured on film
1.6m pages of Elfquest read online this month
20 Greatest Wolf Moments in ElfQuest
Final Quest #10 cover and teaser
The ElfQuest Show Podcast Celebrates One Year
Fantastic fan-art fashion ideas
Go-Back Thursday
Elfquest cosplay photo gallery
Guerrilla ElfQuest: Fans Scatter Comics Throughout Community
“Final Quest” makes Amazon’s “Best Spring Reads” list
Five Reasons Tyleet’s “Little Patch” Story is Quintessential ElfQuest
Why there are no elf-human hybrids in Elfquest.
Listen to Episode 17 of The ElfQuest Show Podcast
Finding Lost Elfquest Treasure
Behind The Scenes – part 1
“What the **** are those things?!”
Help complete “the Complete Elfquest”
Elfquest Final Quest #8 – SPOILERS
Bringing the Discussion Home
Elfquest hits New York Times Bestseller list
37 Years of Pointed Ears
Elfquest #9 cover teased
Comics at Columbia: Past, Present, Future – Exhibition Opening Night Event
Let the Tease Party begin!
WaRP, Dark Horse, and San Diego 2014
Final Quest #5 announcement
Phoenix Comic Con 2014 Elfquest schedule
It’s The Elfquest Show!
Elfquest Final Quest #4
“Where do you get your ideas?”
“Final Quest” panel at Emerald City Comicon
Elfmom speaks!
Elfquest Gallery Edition coming this October
Complete Elfquest volume 1 up for pre-order!
Final Quest #2 preview
“Greatest Cosplayer of All Time”
A Howl (of sorts) in Seattle
A Forum thing happened on the way to the funnies!
Elfquest Final Quest #3 up for pre-order
Sounds like Elfquest!
Interviews with Wendy & Richard Pini
Sonja and the Wizard
Final Quest Issue #1 Out Now
“Final Quest” #1 (p)reviews!
New Elfquest interview at CBR
Elfquest 101
An amazing New Year’s present
2014 Elfquest Fan Art Calendar
New and NOTEworthy!
Thank you, 13 years later
By Two-Spear’s Shaft:
The Universe IS Just!

Where are you going, my little one, little one?
Elf Deco
Thanksgiving 2013
Clothes for kids!
When “movie” equals “spoon”
Elfquest on Comic Book Men
Spoiler spoilers, spoiled
Badge to the Future!
From the EQ Archives
Wibbly wobbly elfy welfy
Write on, all you Questers!
Home stretch, 2013
Elfquest, NYCC and Dark Horse
New Elfquest, new
The Final Quest Special is out today from Dark Horse Comics!
Elfquest Art Prints
Elfquest Tees at We Love Fine
Bearclaw Wolf Necklace
Elfquest Leggings
We interrupt this page to bring you the following important announcements
Elfquest’s in the Now
Elfquest’s schedule at New York ComicCon
Wendy and Richard at Columbia University in October
Elfquest proposal cover art, 1977
Interviewed on a yacht!
6 feet wide and 10 feet tall…
Act One of the storyboard for the planned 1994 animated feature
Screenplay draft finished
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Editor
Elfquest panel, SDCC 2008
Director working on first draft of screenplay
Petalwing the GPS and the Treasure of the Lost (Story) Arc
Later That Very Same Year
Stuffing 4 pounds of legalese into a 3 pound brain
Tick, tock, Arnie…
San Diego Comic-Con 2008
Warner Brothers licenses Elfquest
Would still choose “rich” but “famous” helps
Spanning miracles
At last
Challenges and opportunities, part 2
Back on track
Running out of patience (updated)
Love Letters to Hollywood
On being overwhelmed
Launch plus 6 hours
Dark Horse Brings 3RD Dimension To Elfquest
2006 Character Sketches
April 2005 – Where Things Are At (Moviequest)
Earlier movie news
Happy New Year! (2005)
SDCC 2004 Art Auction
What did I just see?
The ElfQuest Tarot Experiment
San Diego Comic-Con 2003 in pictures
Elfquest 25th anniversary tributes from SDCC
In Memory of the Crew of STS-107
Rob Vollmar on women comics creators
25th Anniversary Logos
25th Anniversary News
Elfquest Animated Film Delayed by “Hollywood-Merger-itis”
Elfquest turns 25 in 2003
Elfquest Literary Rights Repped by Kitchen & Hansen Agency
Wendy, behind the pen…
An animation test!
Of Wolves and … Elves?
The PVC has landed
Test post
ElfQuestions – an interview with Wendy and Richard Pini
News from ToyFair and the American Film Market, February 2001
Top Comic Book Series to Be Computer Animated (Press Release)
A Gallery of Elfquest Figures (Set 1) – November 2000
Elfquest ceases monthly publication
Wolfmill Acquires Elfquest Rights
Visit us in San Diego! (Comic-Con 1998)
1999 Elfquest calendar announced!
Warp to publish new series of graphic novels and collections for 1998 and 1999!
Welcome to the new Elfquest dot Com
New Elfquest in Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated
Elfquest takes a ride on the space shuttle!
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