See Exclusive Preview of Premier Issue of “ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt”

Dark Horse Comics has released three pages from the premiere issue of the exciting new ElfQuest series Stargazer’s Hunt, which follows the new adventures of the astronomer elf Skywise after the completion of Wolfrider chief Cutter’s Final Quest. See the full preview exclusively at here. ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt is available on Wednesday, November 13, 2019 in print and digitally wherever comics are sold.

Charlie Meyerson’s 1984 Interview with Wendy and Richard Pini

In the mid-1980s Charles Meyerson wrote a 6-installment series for First Comics on “The Origins of Independent Comics.” Part 4 focused on ElfQuest. Richard and Wendy were – and are – proud to have been included. It’s a good read. Charlie has now made the full interview series available online. Read it (part 4 specifically) here.

“ElfQuest – Final Quest” To Be Collected in Omnibus Volume

Dark Horse Comics has announced the latest installment in its ElfQuest omnibus series. The Complete ElfQuest Volume 7 debuts in February 2020 and will collect the entire Final Quest series into one giant book. Previously collected in four smaller color graphic novels, this new omnibus collection will showcase the art in black and white in keeping with the established aesthetic of the Complete ElfQuest series. This volume will complete the collection of the canonical ElfQuest tales published over the last four decades chronicling the hero’s journey of Cutter Kinseeker, chief of the Wolfriders.

Sonny Strait solves Hollywood’s problem with ElfQuest

You’ve heard us mention, in various interviews, that one of Hollywood’s problems with Elfquest has always been the adult tone of some of its material. Well, EQ artist Sonny Strait (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) has an answer for that: “Li’l Elfquest!” Think it’ll fly?  

Watch: Wendy Pini Takes Questions While Sketching

Wendy Pini spoke for about half an hour in front of a large audience at San Diego Comic-Con International 2019, fielding questions while doing a character sketch of Cutter at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund live art jam. Attendees watched the process on a large projection screen. This video captures that magic and is part of a longer panel involving other artists. All the artists donated their finished artwork to auction, the proceeds to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

Listen to Episode 41 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

Wendy and Richard Pini have announced a brand new ElfQuest series coming from Dark Horse Comics! The first issue of ElfQuest - Stargazer's Hunt will premiere on November 13, 2019. The Pinis joined ElfQuest Show podcast host David Mizejewski to talk all about what they have in store for new series.

Wendy and Richard Pini Inducted to Eisner Hall of Fame

Wendy and Richard Pini have been inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame. The Pinis were nominated for this illustrious distinction earlier this year along with fourteen other well-deserving individuals in the "voter's choice" category.  Voting was open to all comics industry professionals, whose votes were tallied to select just five of the fourteen nominees for induction. The winners were announced at the annual Eisner Awards gala at San Diego Comic-Con International 2019.

Wendy and Richard Pini Chat with Popcorn Talk at San Diego Comic-Con

Wendy and Richard Pini were interviewed by Kari Lane of Popcorn Talk at San Diego Comic-Con International 2019. The Pinis talked about their perspective on storytelling, the autobiographical nature of ElfQuest and the different publishers they’ve worked with over the years. They even dropped a tease for the new series ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt that premieres this November from Dark Horse Comics. Watch the interview here: Kari has great taste in t-shirts. Get your own ElfQuest apparel here

Dark Horse Comics Announces New ElfQuest Series “Stargazer’s Hunt”

We are tremendously excited to report a brand new ElfQuest comic series kicking off in 2019. ElfQuest – Stargazer’s Hunt picks up a few years following the conclusion of The Final Quest, the forty-years-in-the-telling tale of Cutter Kinseeker’s hero’s journey, and focuses on Cutter’s brother in all but blood, Skywise. What does life hold for the Wolfriders’ one-time stargazer now that he’s achieved his ultimate dream of returning to the Starhome? How does he cope with the loss of his soulmate Cutter?

Listen to Episode 40 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

We’re excited to announce something totally new and different for the ElfQuest Show podcast. With episode 40, host David Mizejewski launches a new series of episodes focusing on specific characters. With literally a cast of hundreds in the saga, there’s no shortage of subjects. While it would have been easy to start with Cutter, Leetah or Skywise–the main characters of the series–David decided to kick this off with someone who hasn’t had as much time in the spotlight. Even secondary players in ElfQuest have their own personalities, histories, roles to play, and devoted fandoms.

Elfquest Katakana tee

New in the Elfquest store: Cutter making short work of katakana. The transliteration of “Elfquest” into Japanese syllabry (エルフクエスト, Erufukuesuto) was published in a Japanese fanzine in 1982, and here it is as a tribute to the series’ manga influences. Richard Pini elaborates:
“Elfquest has always had roots deep in manga. But it wasn’t until we stumbled upon a 1982 issue of a Japanese magazine devoted to anime and manga that we actually saw what Elfquest – at least the name – would look like in katakana.

Listen to Episode 39 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

It’s been one year since the release of the final issue of The Final Quest. ElfQuest Show podcast host David Mizejewski caught up with Wendy and Richard Pini to hear what the last year has been like and what it feels like to have concluded Cutter’s Hero’s Journey, a story 40 years in the telling. The Pinis share their experiences meeting fans on the Forty Years of Pointed Ears appearance tour and being nominated for an Eisner Award, as well as their insights into Wendy’s “animated” drawing technique, Moonshade’s death, the Palace’s hum, the mythic quality of Cutter’s tale, the power of “Once Upon a Time,” hints and foreshadowing, clues about what’s next .

2019 Appearance Schedule

Our 2019 appearance schedule is available now. Check it out here. Check back often as we will add new dates, and we look forward to seeing you.

Wendy and Richard Pini Nominated for Eisner Hall of Fame

The nominees for the 2019 Will Eisner Hall of Fame have been announced, and Wendy and Richard Pini are among the comics professional being considered for this major honor. They have been nominated in the “voters’ choices” category. Voting is open to comics industry professionals. (The polling site is here, and the list of who can vote is here.) Four winning nominees from this category will be inducted in the Hall of Fame at Comic-Con International held in San Diego, July 17-21, 2019.

The Winner of the Forty Years of Pointed Ears Contest Is…

We are excited to announce the winner of the Forty Years of Pointed Ears social media contest, which ran throughout 2018. The prize is the ElfQuest Treasure Box, a trove of special goodies, including a sketch by Wendy Pini of the character of the winner's choice. A hearty howl to all those who participated and help spread their love for ElfQuest across social media. Read on to find out who won.

Watch the Elfquest: Forty Years of Pointed Ears Tour Presentation

If you wanted to attend one of the stops on the “Forty Years of Pointed Ears” Elfquest anniversary tour in 2018 but couldn’t, fret not. This is the celebratory panel and slide presentation that was given at several comic conventions throughout the year. Many people saw it live, but many more were not able to make the cities that Wendy and Richard Pini visited, so here’s your chance to share in the festivities. The video from San Diego Comic-Con turned out to be the best representation, so that’s what we’ve used.

The ElfQuest Show Podcast is Back

The ElfQuest Show podcast is back! For the new episode, something historic: Wendy Pini and Sonny Strait - as peers, colleagues, friends, and mutual admirers - bring you an hour and a half of conversation about comics as art, politics, mythology, business, trial, success - truly a rare opportunity to listen in on a spontaneous dialog between two comics superstars.

Final Chance to Win Elfquest Treasure Box

With 2018 winding down, there’s only ONE MORE MONTH to enter Elfquest’s big 40-year anniversary treasure drawing. What could you win? The Elfquest Treasure Box, a one-of-a-kind trove of rare and wonderful EQ collectibles gathered by Wendy and Richard Pini for this one-of-a-kind celebration – out-of-print books, posters, portfolios, ephemera, merchandise – plus the very last character head sketch Wendy will ever do (at least for this year). So how do you enter? Easy – just post an Elfquest-related photo or message to your public social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – using the hashtag #fortyyearsofpointedears.

Winnowill Halloween cosplay

Halloween may be old news, but this is new to us: a wonderful Winnowill cosplay from last year’s trick-or-treat season. This kid loves a good (bad) villain and gets her as well as anyone has. Mom Brandi writes:
…she has decided to be Winnowill, another Elfquest character, for Halloween this year. I flippantly said something about her deciding she wanted to be a “bad guy”. She thought about that for awhile, and then very seriously asked if Winnowill was “bad”.

The Complete ElfQuest Volume 5 is Here

Dark Horse Comics has released the fifth volume in its Complete ElfQuest omnibus graphic novel series collecting the canonical adventures of the Wolfriders. This volume weighs in at a hefty 760 pages and collects the tales of Chieftess Ember and her half of the Wolfrider tribe. These stories were originally published in the comic series Elfquest: Hidden Years #16-29, as well as the entire ”Wild Hunt” sequence from Elfquest comics (vol.2). Find the book now at your local bookstore or comics shop or order it from Things from Another World.

Wendy Pini Creates “Real Life” Leetah

ElfQuest artist and co-creator Wendy Pini shared a realistic rendition of the character Leetah with ElfQuest fans on Facebook, where it has sparked quite a discussion. Read on to find out what Wendy has to say about the piece.

ElfQuest Featured on NPR

Following making NPR’s list of “100 Favorite Comics and Graphic Novels,” ElfQuest has gotten another fantastic NPR spotlight, this time on the popular show Morning Edition. You can listen to the story or read an online version of it here. There’s also an extensive, online-only interview with Wendy and Richard Pini on the Final Quest, ElfQuest’s impact and what the future holds. Big thanks to Petra Mayer for the story, and thanks too to Morning Edition’s supervising editor Melisa Goh for years of support.

New ElfQuest Character Gets a Nickname

A new ElfQuest character was revealed on the last page of Elfquest – Final Quest #24 and ever since, fans have been going bonkers with theories about him. Reader Simone Farber jokingly dubbed the lad “Chad” because of his strawberry blonde hair, beach-body muscles and good looks–and the nickname stuck. Entire threads in the ElfQuest Facebook Fan Group have been devoted to discussing “Chad” and fans are spinning myriad wild theories about what his actual name might be, which the Pinis have yet to reveal.

ElfQuest Featured on Women Who Write Comics

Wendy and Richard Pini are interviewed by Women Who Write Comics, an Eisner Award-nominated online journal that employs a diverse group of intersectional, international feminists to provide an equally varied insight into the world of comic book culture and the comic book industry at large. Kat Overland and Val Freire ask the Pinis interesting (and provocative) questions about the evolution of Wendy’s art, foreign-language translations of ElfQuest, the craziest stories they’ve heard about themselves, political correctness, and polyamory, among others. Read the full interview here.

ElfQuest Featured in “The Comic Book History of Comics”

ElfQuest and Wendy and Richard Pini get the spotlight in a new comic series called The Comic Book History of Comics by IDW Publishing. In issue #4, writer Fred Van Lente and artist Ryan Dunlavey conclude this chapter of their four-color tour of the history of comics by looking at the birth of the direct retail market as well as the rise of digital distribution, and how these factors have influenced the growth of independent comics, including ElfQuest. Get the issue from your local comics shop, from IDW Publishing, or download on your Kindle, computer, tablet or smartphone via Comixology.

Volume Six of the Complete ElfQuest Announced

Dark Horse Comics has announced the sixth collection in the Complete ElfQuest omnibus series which chronicles the core canonical stories of the series. This edition collects over 500 pages of deep looks into Wolfrider backstories and essential events. Discover how humans, looking to escape their own barren lands, invade Bearclaw’s forest and cause unseen disaster for the elves. Also included are stories showcasing the deep bond of brotherhood between Cutter and Skywise. Whether hatching a plan to steal treasure from the Troll King, or dealing with magical madness that reverts one of them to feral wolf-mind, adventure is never far away from these two!

Win the Exclusive ElfQuest Treasure Box

As part of 2018's year-long "Forty Years of Pointed Ears" celebration of the completion of The Final Quest and Cutter's Hero's Journey, Wendy and Richard Pini have launched a social media contest for the chance to win a one-of-a-kind ElfQuest Treasure Box. Read on to find out how to participate.

Fan-Father Introduces His Kids to ElfQuest

We’d like to give “Dad of the Year Award” to ElfQuest fan Jared Reese, who shared this wonderful story with us:
I grew up reading ElfQuest, and some of my greatest early memories with my father are days we spent scouring local comic shops or visiting conventions, always looking to add some more of the early prints to our collection. Now I’ve got two boys of my own and we just started reading the original quest together a couple of days ago.

ElfQuest Makes Vulture’s “The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics”

ElfQuest’s latest accolade comes from New York magazine’s Vulture website, which just released its list of “The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics.” The page that made the list is from the Original Quest issue #17–yes, the infamous orgy scene before the Wolfriders and Go-Backs go into battle with the Frozen Mountain trolls. Vulture had this to say about it: “The series made no bones about being a high fantasy tale for adults. This is from one of the more notorious sequences, when the elves basically have an orgy before a big battle.

Watch Wendy Pini Draw ElfQuest on SYFY WIRE

SYFY WIRE has released a wonderful video of ElfQuest artist and co-creator Wendy Pini drawing the series’ main character, Cutter. Watch below as Wendy describes her drawing style, manga influence on her ElfQuest work, tips she learned from Jack Kirby and Boris Vallejo and much more.

Listen to Episode 37 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

We’ve arrived at the final issue of the Final Quest and with it the conclusion of Cutter Kinseeker’s hero’s journey. With this episode,  Ryan’s original vision for the podcast to chronicle each issue of the Final Quest series has been fulfilled. Pour a glass of dreamberry wine, grab some tissues, and join Ryan and David for one last deep dive together into the World of Two Moons as they discuss the series-changing events of Final Quest #24 and what’s next for the podcast.

Three New ElfQuest Designs for Apparel, Prints and More

  Three new designs have been added to the ElfQuest Redbubble Shop to celebrate the conclusion of the Final Quest and the completion of Cutter Kinseeker’s Hero’s Journey. Pick your favorite design–or all three of them–to be custom-printed on clothing, framed prints, smartphone and tablet covers, mugs, clocks, stickers and dozens of other items by Redbubble. First is the “Classic Trio” design, complete with the vintage comic book pixel coloring. Here it is featured on Redbubble’s contrast tank top:   Next is the “Forever My Chief” design, sure to fill you with emotion after the conclusion of Final Quest.

Listen to Episode 36 of the ElfQuest Show Podcast

The Final Quest draws ever closer to its conclusion. In this episode, Ryan and David tackle issue #23, an emotional rollercoaster with heart and heartbreak in equal measure and the penultimate chapter of the saga. They discuss Windkin’s lethal work, Dewshine’s threat, Dart’s full circle, Two-Edge’s valor, the Go-Backs’ armor, Treestump’s dream, the mystery of the Little Palace, Kimo’s sacrifice, Leetah’s song, the Wolfriders’ naivete, Shuna’s fate, Strongbow’s choice, the end of the Way, and more. One more issue to go!