Make your own ElfQuest lantern

ElfQuest lights up the world, and now you can light up your world with ElfQuest by making your own ElfQuest lantern. Making these lanterns is easy to do, but like many craft projects, you do need patience. I know waiting for stuff to dry can be boring, but the end result is worth it. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make your own. What you’ll need Smooth canning jar (I use these) Cutting mat (if you don’t have one, you can use thick cardboard.

Ember Design available for a limited time

Twelfth chief of the Wolfriders, Ember can now be yours in this limited-time design in Elfquest’s Redbubble store. Available for one month only, this picture of Ember is from the cover of Final Quest #1 The design will be available through March 21, 2016. You can get Ember on t-shirts, cellphone covers, stickers and more! Don’t miss out, order today!

The Powerful Women of Elfquest

ElfQuest fans often talk of how the story helped them gain insight into themselves. But it helped me in a different way. It informed me I have the strength to take care of myself emotionally, sexually, and spiritually as a woman. It empowered me, and it told me my life is my own. Click to read the full story at To Hunt, To Howl, To Love Free []

Final Quest Issue 12 Cover and teaser

Coming November 25, 2015. What happens when you discover who you really are—and realize you never wanted to know that soul-wrenching truth? Nightfall and Redlance lead a band of Wolfriders to try to learn the answer, just as the Wavedancers deliver dire news: the Djun’s warships have arrived. The most game-changing issue of ElfQuest ever! Preorder today at TFAW.

Librarian shares where her obsession started

Laura Mehaffey is the head librarian at the Carolina Manga Library. On the Manga Library blog, she shares how she found Elfquest and it opened a doorway for her. “People often ask me what started me off reading comics. Be afraid, because you’re about to get some personal insight into a librarian’s childhood. Come into my childhood with me. If you dare…” Read the rest.

Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume 2

Coming April 27, 2016, Elfquest: The Final Quest Volume 2. Volume 2 collects Wendy and Richard Pini’s issues #7-12 of The Final Quest, the newest adventures of the Wolfriders in glorious full color. “It is time. Sunstream, son of Wolfrider chief Cutter Kinseeker, finally fulfills his destiny and becomes the psychic link among all the elfin tribes scattered across the World of Two Moons. At long last, the seeds planted 20,000 years ago in the original, classic Quest can come to fruition.

Strongbow at the Antwerp Convention #5

On Sunday, April 26th was the Antwerp Convention #5. Siwan Lesbeth brought her A-game to cosplay the silent archer Strongbow. Even building a section of his cage from Blue Mountain. Check out some of her work in progress. Like Strongbow, she makes her own arrows. Almost there! Siwan has her coplay page on Facebook.

Huntress Skyfire captured on film

Elfquest fans know how to cosplay. Here’s Hope Keyes, who took bow in hand and became the fierce Huntress Skyfire, escaping into the woods for some fun. She said the bugs were horrendous, but we’re glad she braved them. See more of her awesome work here.

Comics at Columbia: Past, Present, Future – Exhibition Opening Night Event

From Columbia University: “The exhibition Comics at Columbia: Past, Present Future presents art, manuscripts, and ephemera from Columbia’s Rare Book & Manuscript Library, including items associated with the university’s history, as well as art from Mad artist Al Jaffee, Elfquest artist Wendy Pini, and New Yorker cartoonist Charles Saxon; drafts and notes from X-Men writer Chris Claremont and Legion of Super Heroes writer Paul Levitz, and correspondence from mainstream and indie comics luminaries Stan Lee, Harvey Kurtzman, and Howard Cruse, and more.