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When you're putting together your holiday wish list this year, don't forget ElfQuest! Let friends and family know that ElfQuest would make the perfect gift for you this year. Or just treat yourself! Here's a handy guide to all the latest ElfQuest books and merchandise to add to your collection.

ElfQuest 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

When you're putting together your holiday wish list this year, don't forget ElfQuest! Let friends and family know that ElfQuest would make the perfect gift for you this year. Or just treat yourself! Here's a handy guide to all the latest ElfQuest books and merchandise to add to your collection.

A Letter from Warp on ElfQuest Audio Movie Premiere

Good morning (or afternoon, or evening, wherever you may be)! Can you believe it? Richard and Wendy here (aka Elfpop and Elfmom). In just a few days, Episode One of the ElfQuest Audio Movie will be available everywhere. It’s the exciting climax to over two years of planning and production. And, like you, we’re hoping it makes a huge splash in the world of audio podcasts. Thank you. We couldn’t have done this without your support. For two years you’ve given your time and care and devotion, and from the bottom of our hearts to the pointy tips of our ears, we thank you.

ElfQuest Audio Movie Delivered to Backers

Today's the day. The "Big Send" just happened. The personalized copies of the entire ElfQuest Audio Movie production--all four hours of it--just went out to all crowdfunding campaign backers. This is your DRM-free copy to own forever, playable on any audio player.

ElfQuest Returns to Dragon Con

We're celebrating the premiere of ElfQuest as a star-studded 10-episode audio drama with a special panel at Dragon Con.

The ElfQuest Show Is Back – New Episode

For Episode 48, host David Charles Mizejewski is joined by fellow fan Michael McAdam. Their insights and outpouring of feelings about Stargazer's Hunt Volume 2 will go straight to your heart. Michael in particular is able to discuss the spiritual aspects of the story so comfortably, in an all-embracing way. You will melt when they rhapsodize about Cutter and Skywise’s relationship!

Holt Club Winner and The ElfQuest TikTok Challenge

And the winner of our first Holt Club Challenge is… Kat Pepmiller! Congratulations, Kat, and a huge thank you to everyone who helped us reach our first goal of 250 rates and reviews of the ElfQuest Audio Movie on Apple Podcasts! Kat was picked at random from all current Holt Club Members and she chose the signed copy of Fantasy Quarterly #1 from Wendy and Richard Pini’s personal collection as her prize. Your Next Holt Club Mission Is…The ElfQuest TikTok Challenge!

Ride to the Hunt with new ElfQuest Design

Each month during 2022 we showcase new artwork in the Official ElfQuest Redbubble Shop, our print-on-demand store. Our latest design features Cutter and Strongbow in bold black and white, riding through the forest on wolf-back in hot pursuit of prey. Tonight, the whole tribe will feast! Show your love of the wild Wolfrider spirit with apparel, magnets, hardcover journals, pin buttons, art prints and more featuring this dynamic design! Order it here.  

Streamily Virtual Autograph Event – Audio Movie Edition

  UPDATE: This livestream autograph session has been rescheduled to Wednesday, August 3rd at 3PM ET. This time it’s all about celebrating the ElfQuest Audio Movie, which premieres as a free podcast on September 1st! Our new Streamily art print offering this time is this special edition audio movie poster. We also have available all the previously offered prints and ElfQuest books from Dark Horse Comics. Order here now and we’ll autograph and personalize your item during our Streamily livestream event on our Instagram Wednesday, August 3rd at 3PM ET.

ElfQuest Audio Movie Announcements

We're still riding the high from the incredible final ElfQuest Audio Movie listening party! For those that couldn't make it, here's a recap of all the updates and MAJOR announcements we made.

Dark Horse ElfQuest Live Panel July 7

Dark Horse Comics is pleased to welcome Wendy and Richard Pini to a live streamed discussion about ElfQuest on Thursday, July 7, 2022 at 1 pm PT/4 pm ET on Dark Horse's Twitch and YouTube channels.

ElfQuest Celebrates LGBTQ+ Pride

Happy Pride Month! Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, celebrating Pride this month and year-round is a powerful way to join the fight to create a world like that of ElfQuest, where everyone is free to be their true, authentic selves and love whomever they choose without stigma or discrimination. Everyone–including people of all gender identities, orientations, and from all kinds of families–is welcome in ElfQuest fandom. We see you and we support you. We created two ElfQuest designs integrating the LGBTQ+ rainbow to show that support of the community, and many of you asked us to make them available in our Redbubble Shop.

ElfQuest Show Podcast – Episode 47

  With the release of ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2 from Dark Horse Comics in comics shops, The ElfQuest Show is back with a new episode–and something new. In addition to the podcast, host David Mizejewski has also created a video version available on YouTube. Now you can watch or listen! In this episode David and guest host Tanya talk about the awesome new characters, all of the threads to past and future ElfQuest stories woven into Stargazer’s Hunt, seeds for future stories, Wendy Pini and Sonny Strait’s gorgeous art, and of course the conclusion of Skywise’s star-spanning quest to recover his lost memory of Cutter.

Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2 released

ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2 is now available in comic stores! To say we are excited for you to finally get to read the conclusion of Skywise’s quest to recover something precious lost is an understatement. The initial release is exclusively in comics shops.  You can use the Comic Shop Locator to find your local shops or type “comics” into your GPS map on your mobile device. We recommend calling in advance and asking for ElfQuest to make sure they have it in stock, and if they don’t, ask them to order it for you.

Stargazer’s Hunt Brings New Skywise Merchandise

In celebration of the long-awaited release of the ElfQuest: Stargazer's Hunt - Vol 2 in comics shops this month, our latest Redbubble Shop design showcases the volume's cover artwork by Wendy Pini. Get it posters, stickers, apparel and more!

New Release Date for ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt Vol 2

We’ve confirmed with Dark Horse Comics that the release of ElfQuest: Stargazer’s Hunt – Vol 2 has been pushed back by one week and will now be available exclusively in comic shops on May 25th, 2022. Release via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other booksellers has been pushed to June 28th, 2022, as have all digital releases (Comixology, Kindle, Nook and Dark Horse Digital). This presents a great opportunity to support your local comics shop! Use the comic shop locator to find yours.

Wendy Pini Nominated for “Chesley” Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award

What the Eisner Awards are to comics, the Chesley Awards, given by the Association of Science-Fiction & Fantasy Artists (ASFA) and named after astronomical artist Chesley Bonestell, are to science-fiction and fantasy art. And this year our very own Wendy Pini has been nominated for ASFA’s Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award. Step 1 – Let’s hear a hearty round of congratulations for Wendy! Step 2 – Check out the ASFA page here on Facebook as well as the ASFA web site for more about the group.

A Heartfelt Thank You

The door to Feels-ville swings both ways. We are just now returned to Los Angeles after a week-long, 2500-mile road trip. First stop was a packed signing at the Portland, Oregon Things From Another World comic shop, to celebrate the release of “Elfquest – Final Quest” #24, the concluding chapter of Cutter’s forty-year hero’s journey. Then followed Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, Washington where hundreds of you stopped at our table in Artist Alley and attended the SRO panel presentation Saturday afternoon.

Final Quest 24 – See Preview and Press Release

Dark Horse Comics has released an exclusive four-page preview of issue 24 of the Final Quest, along with a press release celebrating the End of the Quest. The full issue will be released in comics shops and online on February 28.

Line of Beauty review: “Stunning biography of Wendy Pini”

“Line of Beauty – the Art of Wendy Pini” has been out for a few weeks, and it has just received its best review yet.
Wendy Pini is most famous for Elfquest, but her artistic career spans fifty years of pop culture history, from weird lowbrow surrealism to yaoi pastiche. Line of Beauty isn’t just a stunning art book covering decades in and beyond epic fantasy, but a powerful yet curiously tentative biography, drawing together threads from a childhood in the Californian sticks to the poisoned promises of Hollywood.

Bid on Exclusive Wendy Pini Sketch for Kids’ Charity

Our good friend and publisher John Fleskes recently asked us a favor. He is running a charity fundraiser for a local youth center in Santa Cruz, CA. As John describes it, “Santa Cruz Hope is a safe environment that provides after school services free of charge for kids who have broken homes, no homes or simply have good parents who are down on their luck. 200-300 kids use the place daily and they depend 100% on donations to stay open.

Why there are no elf-human hybrids in Elfquest.

The question comes up, from time to time, about whether or not there can be elf-human cross-breeds in the world of Elfquest. The short answer is no. Here’s the longer answer, with amplification (maybe even up to 11): We (Wendy and Richard) decided long ago, at the very beginning, that there would be no elf-human hybrids in the world of Elfquest. Mostly, we did this for one very good reason: many other fantasy worlds allow them. To us, the elf-human mix has become, well, kind of tired and a bit boring.

If you could know your future, would you?

This question was posed by Ryan Browne on Facebook: The Scroll of Colors, the receptacle of all elfin history, past, present and future, is now in possession of the elves. Timmain, Sunstream, possibly even Skywise and Savah can turn it and decipher its meaning. Yet, we have not seen any of the elves turn the Scroll so far in The Final Quest. Given its magical properties, it would seem advantageous for the elves to peer through the veil of time and use the knowledge gained to their advantage.

Elfquest “Final Quest” #6 preview!

“The human warlord Angrif Djun, more furious than ever, prepares a massive assault upon every elf living on the World of Two Moons. Master archer Strongbow faces an unexpected betrayal. And within the Wolfrider tribes, Chief Cutter and Chieftess Ember wrestle with a dire choice that will define—or destroy—their worlds.” Enjoy several pages of artwork from the issue and then join the ongoing discussion right here!

Elfquest at Columbia U

Three weeks and counting! Here are the details: Butler Library at Columbia University 116th St and Broadway, New York, New York 10027 Tuesday, October 7 at 6:00 pm You’re invited to the grand opening reception of this exhibition, which features materials from Columbia’s comics archives. A brief discussion in 523 Butler will kick off the evening, then all may adjourn for a reception and exhibition viewing in our Rare Book & Manuscript Library. Join us–and many of our archival donors, such as Chris Claremont, Wendy and Richard Pini, Al Jaffee, Paul Levitz, Alexander Rothman, Sophia Wiedeman, and more… If you’re traveling to New York for New York Comic Con, think about coming a little early and helping us celebrate!

Oh see, can you say?

Recently, there’s been a push to update the Who’s-Who section of Elfquest.com, and a trio of helpers – David Mizejewski, and Heather and Rob Beschizza – have put in a lot of work. Let’s take a moment to send them kudos! There’s a way to go yet, but you should check it out all the same. Along with that effort comes a push to finally nail down just how certain character names are pronounced. As of today, we’ve begun (we’re maybe 1/3 of the way through the existing list) adding a wee guide to every single entry in the Who’s-Who that we hope will help everyone get it right, just as Wendy and Richard intend.

Let’s HEAR it for trailblazing!

This is a toughie, because the examples from which I want to choose range wide and deep, yet I want to kick this thread off with a single instance. I hope everyone who reads this will then add to it. I want also to avoid any whiff of cronyism – which might, to an outside observer, seem impossible. Nevertheless, I’m not here because of a 40+ year personal and professional relationship with Wendy Pini. I’m here because of the intensifying (even to me) realization that Wendy has been and continues to be, in so many ways, a pioneer.

Where are you going, my little one, little one?

For some months now, I’ve been scanning Wendy’s original art pages, before delivering them to Columbia University’s graphic novel archive collection. Today, I worked on “Hidden Years” #4 and, oh, what a flood of feelings it unleashed. It was in this story that a barely teenaged Ember first pushed back against the protective (she would have said “overprotective”) envelope of Cutter’s concern. And now, in “Final Quest,” Ember is grown up, a chief in her own right, with concerns of her own that…  Well, you know I never give away anything that could be considered a spoiler.

Home stretch, 2013

New York Comic-Con is over and done. I feel like the owner of the shawarma restaurant, at the VERY end of “The Avengers” movie, sweeping up after a weekend of loud, crowd, and broken-but-unbowed. We have two more shows for 2013 and then it’s serious knuckle-down time. 2014 holds not only six issues of “Final Quest” but, as we just learned, two BIG – in both size and page count – collections of classic Elfquest, in glorious classic black and white.

New Elfquest, new andreav70.sg-host.com

October 10, 2013. It’s too early in the morning, but the celebration won’t sleep. Last evening, we had a stunningly wonderful gathering at Columbia University’s Butler Rare Book & Manuscript library. Today, we unveil the new face of Elfquest.com, thanks to the imagination of our own Rob Beschizza. EQ’s newest web incarnation, launched in 1994 as the first domain dedicated to its own comic book series, is now even more socially interactive. Very much a work in progress, we’ll continue to roll out new features and tweak existing ones to make your visit here more exciting than ever!

You asked, “May we bring our own Elfquest books to New York ComicCon to be signed?”

I love sleuthing – especially when it pays off

Here’s a painting I bought years ago at some antique / junque shop or other, for no other reasons than it looked like vintage children’s book illustration, and the girl in armor on the deer just had to be a distant cousin to Kahvi, the Go-Back chieftess. (We’ll overlook that the nasty-looking foe is riding a wolf.)

Welcome to the new EQ.com!

On the left, there’s official news, announcements, editorials and postings from Warp central. Here on the right, this column mostly gets cool goings-on in Elfquest fandom: be sure to contact us to tell us everything you’re up to, online and off, that touches on the World of Two Moons! Keep your eyes peeled for updates and new features in the coming days and weeks.