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Bid on Exclusive Wendy Pini Sketch for Kids’ Charity


Our good friend and publisher John Fleskes recently asked us a favor. He is running a charity fundraiser for a local youth center in Santa Cruz, CA. As John describes it, “Santa Cruz Hope is a safe environment that provides after school services free of charge for kids who have broken homes, no homes or simply have good parents who are down on their luck. 200-300 kids use the place daily and they depend 100% on donations to stay open. We are teaming up to raise money and make available shoes, backpacks and sweatshirts this December to kids who – for whatever reason – can’t afford these things.”


The favor he asked was, “Would Wendy be willing to do a drawing in a Flesk book that I can auction off on Ebay?” Needless to say, the answer was a big “Yes.” John will also be offering books by other artists, similarly embellished with original drawings.

Here’s a peek at Wendy creating a sketch of Leetah inside a copy of the deluxe edition of Flesk Publications’s The Art of ElfQuest.

You can bid on this one-of-a-kind book with the sketch here on eBay.




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