Bowki was born out of the Recognition of Dart and Serrin during the long sleep of the Wolfriders. He was raised by the pair and their third lifemate, Talmah. For a time, Bowki brought a measure of peace and happiness to his father Dart, who suffered from the trauma of the battle with the Go-Backs over the Little Palace. After Dart returned to the suspended animation of preserver wrapstuff, Talmah and Serrin completed Bowki’s upbringing.

Bowki favored his Wolfrider heritage though he lived his life in the desert village of Sorrow’s End. As all Wolfriders, Bowki was mortal, and has now passed into the spirit realm.

As his childhood name reflects, Bowki’s preferred weapons were the arrow whip and the bow, just like his father, grandfather and great grandmother before him.


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