Petalwing the Preserver

Back in 1982, Original Quest reader Steve Purbrick surprised the dreamberries out of us with this marvelous, just about life-size sculpture of Petalwing, the ever-lovable, ever-irritating Preserver "bug." Until now, the sprite's never been seen in such close detail, and eventually it will take up residence within the stately library stacks of Columbia University. Breeeeee-dee-deet! Enjoy!

A look back at Lehrigen

Now that his tale is told, we thought you'd enjoy seeing Wendy's very first design for the human hunter, Lehrigen. If nothing else, it's a reminder of the differences the passage of time has on us, and on the elves.

From all of us to all of you

The picture says it all - for today, for every day.

Elfquest Before and After

This isn't a spoiler, as the cover to Final Quest #3 has already appeared on the web. But we thought you'd enjoy seeing the final art up against Wendy's preliminary sketch.

Elfmom’s model behavior

Elfpop here: Wow. Just, wow. Even I, Mr. Archive, missed this one until I discovered "Ladies" by Boris and Doris Vallejo in a used book shop just a few days ago. Back in the late 1970s when Wendy's involvement as Red Sonja was giving way to her commitment to Elfquest, we knew the Vallejos. We'd visit them now and again, break bread, talk art and comics. Then life happened, they moved, and we fell out of touch. Boris creates spectacular photo-realistic fantasy art, and it's no secret he uses human models in the process. The photo on the right, I shot in the woods behind our apartment in 1977. The book (left) was published in 1992. Boris clearly used our photo for reference, at least for the face and upper torso - so Wendy can now add "cover girl" to her long list of credits!

New Moon in living 3-D!

Elfquest fans translate Cutter's sword New Moon from 2-D image to 3-D reality! (Send us more examples and we'll post them all here.)

Wendy’s Elf Book

Years back, we began an Elfquest convention souvenir sketch book and – as you might guess – asked the artists whose work we enjoyed to render an elf. Didn’t matter in what context, in what style. Simply, draw an elf. The results, for the first time ever, are showcased here for your enjoyment. 
Please enjoy (share the link to the entire gallery if you like) but don't use these images for any other purpose, on any other web site or personal stationery or computer wallpaper or anything else. Copyright considerations aside, both Wendy and the artists who drew these are letting you in to “visit” these personal expressions, and we ask that you respect that. Thank you.

2014 Elfquest Fan Art Calendar

There's still 8 days left in 2013 and, by Two-Spear's shaft, we've got the 2014 Elfquest Fan Art Calendar prepped and ready for its close-up, Mr. DeMille! Our heartfelt thanks to every one of the baker's dozen of artists who contributed artwork for the "DreamScapes" theme - and special thanks to Maggie Atkinson who wrangled everything into place on time so we can present it to you before the New Year begins. (You can also go to CafePress and find a selection of 2014 Elfquest calendars, including "DreamScapes," ready for hanging on your office, den, or troll cavern wall!)


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