Pronunciation: doe-DEE-ah (rhymes with go-SEE-ya)

Recognized of Ekolin
Mother of Harotim
Wolf Friends – Skimsand, Sandflea

Dodia is a Sun Villager who joined Dart‘s band of Jackwolf Riders to hunt for and protect the village. Disciplined and calm under pressure, Dodia left the safety of the village to aid the Wolfriders during the Siege at Blue Mountain. She celebrated the success of that quest with Skot, but the light-heartedness was short-lived when her jackwolf Skimsand was involved in a bloody, fatal fight with Starjumper.

She returned to the Sun Village and was mortally wounded in the Go-Backs’ attack. She spent thousands of years wrapped in the timeless sleep of a preserver cocoon until Leetah and Mender could heal her and the other wounded. She later accompanied Dart and Sunstream on their adventure in the Forevergreen. She Recognized Door but bashed the mad Glider on the head to subdue him when he threatened her companions.

After the adventure in the Forevergreen, she rejoined the Sun Folk to live in the Palace of High Ones and gave birth to a son, Harotim. There she is learning the ways of the Firstcomers.

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