Pronunciation: GUTT-ull-KRAW (rhymes with shuttle claw)

Guttlekraw was a trolls’ troll, a murderous, self-centered, stonehearted tyrant — and those were his good qualities. An ancient creature of the first generations of trolls on the World of Two Moons, he suffered no fools and dealt viciously with his enemies, be they elves or other trolls. Proudly wearing a ring of severed elf fingers as a crown, he ruled with a brightmetal fist.

He founded the first troll kingdom under the northern Frozen Mountains, but when glaciers encroached he led his people south and settled in caverns under a wide forest. After a time, he was deposed by the young upstart Greymung and banished with his loyal followers back to the Frozen Mountains.

There he stewed for centuries in the bitterness of his loss. Finally, in the time of the Wolfriders, he sent a wave of hardened warriors to invade the underground kingdom of the forest trolls and exact his revenge on Greymung. He enslaved the survivors and brought them back north to work in his mine-pits.

Guttlekraw was manipulated by the crafty Two-Edge into battle (the “First War”) with the Go-Backs and Wolfriders for possession of the Palace of the High Ones. He met his end in that war when Kahvi beheaded him.