Pronunciation: KORR-uh-fay (rhymes with MORE a day)

Daughter of Sunstream and Brill
Granddaughter of Cutter and Leetah
Niece of Ember and Krill

Korafay is a young Wavedancer. Her parents Sunstream and Brill learned of each other on the spirit plane and experienced a unique intangible Recognition before they ever met physically. This caused a rift in the Wavedancer tribe. Overly protective leader Surge feared losing his tribe’s secrecy and freedom at the hands of unknown elves if Sunstream located Brill to fulfill the call of Recognition. Despite Surge’s dangerous and paranoid resistance, love won out, Wavedancers and Wolfriders met, and Korafay was conceived in the Palace of the High Ones.

Korafay is the first Wavedancer born in recent memory outside of a hidden birthing nest. Instead, her mother Brill insisted on bringing Korafay into the world, without fear, in the freedom of the open ocean. Her parents saw to it that she was raised with wisdom, good cheer and common sense. Lovely Korafay doesn’t see herself as a teacher, and yet influences her tribe to embrace freedom and fearlessness simply by being. She has been of particular comfort to her close friend Reef .

She is the scion of three tribes: Wolfriders, Sun Folk and Wavedancers, and beloved by all. She is also a floater, which rare magical power makes her unique among her people.