Pronunciation: LEE-tuh (rhymes with SHE-huh)

Daughter of Toorah and Sun-Toucher
Sister of Shenshen
Lovemate of Rayek
Lifemate of Cutter
Mother of EmberSunstream, and Goldruff
Adoptive mother of Shuna
Grandmother of Korafay and Shukopek

Leetah is a powerful healer with the ability to mend wounds of mind and body with a touch. She is gentle and nurturing, yet fierce and tenacious when using her powers to protect those she loves. She is a Sun Villager who joined the Wolfriders after her Recognition to their chief, Cutter. Though she now lives in the forest and follows the ways of the nocturnal Wolfriders, Leetah remains a creature of light.

Despite her significant healing abilities (and perhaps because of them), Leetah feared situations that she could not control. When fellow Sun Villager Thiro was killed by an angry zwoot, Leetah realized that her power over injury wasn’t absolute. It took a near-fatal, self-inflicted wound for her to fully face and appreciate her greatest enemy, Death. The experience matured her considerably.

Her world changed forever when the Wolfriders discovered Sorrow’s End and she Recognized Cutter. Literally swept off her feet, suddenly feeling her very soul bared to a complete stranger, Leetah rejected the bond and the loss of control it represented. Eventually, heeding the advice of her younger sister Shenshen, her mother Toorah, and Savah, the wise Mother of Memory, Leetah realized that her connection to Cutter was less limiting than she at first feared. She eventually accepted the bond and she and Cutter became lifemates, giving birth to the twins Suntop (later Sunstream) and Ember. It is a decision she has never regretted.

She has faced many dangers on her adventures with the Wolfriders, from humans, from trolls, from the mysterious and dangerous anti-healer Winnowill, and even from her former lovemate Rayek. She has learned to expand her abilities beyond the simple healing of wounds to include flesh-shaping, extending the lifespan of mortals and even causing injury. Her abilities have saved the lives of many on those quests, yet she is not always triumphant. She now knows when to give all, and when to hold back for the good of her people. More importantly, she has learned to ask permission to use her powers, rather than impose them on others. Like her lifemate, she has emerged from her many adventures a different, more mature elf.

When Savah returned to the Star Home in the Palace of the High Ones, Leetah inherited the title and role of Mother of Memory to the elves remaining on the World of Two Moons

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