Pronuciation: MEKK-duh (rhymes with trek duh)

Mekda was of the first generations of elves born on the World of Two Moons after the crash of the Palace of the High Ones. She was born to those scattered Firstcomers and lived her early years close the site of the accident.

Like her age-mates and best friends Ekuar and Osek, Mekda was a rock-shaper. The trio made a devastating mistake when they went on a personal quest to rediscover the Palace. Though an ice age was setting in and the Palace was slowly being engulfed by a glacier, the young elves successfully located the ancient dwelling. To enter the Palace, the elves pooled their rock-shaping powers (weakened as those powers were). But moments after entering the home of their forebears the young elves were set upon and captured by trolls.

Mekda spent the majority of her long, long life as a slave of the trolls, tortured into submission by brutal physical torture. Still she resisted. But eventually, the trolls won out — all that remained of Mekda’s body was the stump of torso and head. She had no arms, no legs…and no mind. The trolls renamed her “Sack o’Bones” and — because her rock-shaping was still effective — used her as a slave to find hidden gems and metals within the rock.

Mekda’s suffering was finally ended during the war for the Palace with the Frozen Mountain trolls. Her spirit is now free.