Pronunciation: MENN-derr (rhymes with THEN-her)

Son of Rainsong and Woodlock
Brother of Wing and Newstar
Uncle of Kimo and Serrin
Grandson of Rain
Lifemate of Dart

Mender is a Wolfrider born and raised in the Sun Village. Unlike the rest of his family, however, he has a wild wolfish streak and is drawn to the thrill of adventure. Like his grandsire Rain, Mender is a healer. Given both his wild nature and the instinct to heal that is basic in all elves with this ability, Mender is an enigma, for he is as prone to using his powers to cause injury as for mending wounds.

Through Leetah‘s training, Mender’s healing powers have grown to the point where he has become quite adept at shape-changing. Something of fop, Mender uses his abilities to keep his skin a handsome bronze tone even though he no longer lives in the bright sun of the desert, as well as to inhibit the growth of face-fur that is unique to male Wolfriders. Unlike Leetah, however, Mender’s scruples are loose and he sometimes abuses his power and needs to be held in check by his erstwhile lovemate/conscience Ember. He revels in living in traditional Wolfrider lifestyle. But as a child of many cultural influences, Mender is a supremely adaptable elf with an open mind and a well-balanced perspective on life. He’s as likely to pal around with trolls and impersonate humans as he is to be howling and hunting with the wolves.

Mender’s wild, rakish spirit is evolving to desire something more deep and permanent than his past dalliances and lovematings. His newest, and perhaps most meaningful, relationship — as a lifemate — is with the Wolfrider Dart.

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