Pronunciation: NOO-star (rhymes with TOO-far)

Daughter of Rainsong and Woodlock
Sister of Wing and Mender
Lovemate of Skywise and, later, Ohler
Lifemate of Lutei
Mother of Kimo

Newstar is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious members of the Wolfriders. The first cub born to the Wolfriders after Madcoil’s decimation of the tribe, her name is symbolic of the hope for renewal her people felt at her birth. When the Wolfriders were burned from their Holt, Newstar found safety in the Sun Village. Like her parents and siblings she found a place to call home in the peace and serenity of the desert oasis.

Newstar is a happy-go-lucky elf. As a teen she sought to emulate the wicked sense of humor and wit of older Sun Villager maidens such as Shenshen, but she grew into a more serene maturity, content to enjoy the simple pleasures of a quiet life. She Recognized a Sun Villager named Lutei, one of the Jackwolf Riders who was killed during the Go-Backs’ invasion. Their son, Kimo, is her life’s joy.

Newstar is a child of both the woodlands and the desert, and is as at home in either as she is in the Palace of the High Ones.