Pronunciation: (rhymes with LIGHT-tall)
Soul Name – Twen (rhymes with den)

Daughter of Brownberry and Longbranch
Lifemate of Redlance
Mother of Tyleet
Grandmother of Pool
Wolf Friends – Woodshaver, Mudmuzzle, Truebolt, Freshet

Trustworthy, brave and determined, Nightfall is defender of all she loves and believes in. She would have no fear of felling a longtooth with just a knife in her hand — but she would much prefer her bow. A skilled huntress, she kills to provide and protect. While Nightfall embraces her rugged wolf-side, she is also an embodiment of feminine sensuality, and has no qualms about dancing naked in the moonlight with her friend Leetah.

A striking counterpoint to her gentle lifemate, the tree-shaper Redlance, Nightfall would not be parted from him in the Burning Waste, despite knowing it might mean her death as well as his.

Nightfall is Leetah’s staunch supporter and close friend. At least twice Leetah has come to her aid: first saving Redlance’s life from mortal, human-inflicted wounds, and again years later, in Nightfall’s personal quest to mother a child — Tyleet.

Nightfall grew up with Cutter and the two were childhood playmates and adolescent lovemates, and she remained close with her “chief-friend” throughout his life. She and Redlance helped Cutter find a measure of peace when his brother-in-all-but-blood Skywise, his lifemate Leetah, and his children were kidnapped by Rayek. They became a second family to him, able to show Cutter that “life could be sweet within the waiting.”

Nightfall does not fear change and was comfortable with the advances her chief-friend brought to the Wolfriders. Yet she is the happiest living within the simple “Way” and thrives in Father Tree Holt under Ember’s chieftainship.