Pronunciation: WUNN-eye (rhymes with DONE-fly)
Soul Name – Sur (rhymes with moor, not sir)

Brother of Longbranch
Lifemate of Clearbrook
Father of Scouter
Wolf Friends – Nestrobber, Smoketreader

First named Woodhue, One-Eye gained his new soubriquet after his right eye was put out by vengeful, elf-hating humans. Rain the Healer could only seal the wound, not replace the organ.

Needless to say, One-Eye’s hatred and distrust of humans ran deep. Although he still considered Cutter a cub at the time of Bearclaw‘s death, One-Eye never questioned his new chief’s judgment; Cutter was chief and that was that. One-Eye was fierce in battle, especially when his cub, Scouter, or his lifemate, Clearbrook, were endangered.

One-Eye was fatally wounded by a Frozen Mountain troll, but his death was not inevitable: the Preserver Petalwing immediately sealed him in wrapstuff and trapped his life-spirit just before it could fly free. Days later, deep in the troll caverns where his body had been taken, Leetah realized that he was still alive. She tried desperately to pull him back from the brink, but failed. Though she was able to preserve his living body, One-Eye’s spirit was gone, fled to the Palace of the High Ones.

Even so, Clearbrook insisted that one day her lifemate might be restored to her. Only when she was able to make peace, years later, with her loss, was One-Eye fully released to death and thus total freedom.