Pronunciation: OH-seck (rhymes with LOW-tech)

Osek was of the first generations of elves born on the World of Two Moons after the crash of the Palace of the High Ones. He was born to those scattered Firstcomers and lived her early years close the site of the accident.

Like his age-mates and best friends Ekuar and Mekda, Osek was a rock-shaper. The bold trio went on a quest to rediscover the Palace. Though an ice age was setting in and the Palace was slowly being engulfed by a glacier, the young elves successfully located the ancient dwelling. They pooled their emerging rock-shaping powers, even though they were dampened by the very world on which they were exiled.

Bare moments after entering the home of their foreparents the young elves were set upon by trolls, who quickly enslaved Osek and his compatriots. For centuries Osek was made to work in the troll tunnels, creating passageways and unearthing gems and precious metals. When he resisted, the trolls tortured him, even cutting off fingers and eventually, whole limbs, to break his spirit.

When Greymung rebelled against Guttlekraw and battle ensued, Osek too advantage of the chaos to escape down the Tunnel of Golden Light into the desert, where he met his ultimate fate.