Pronunciation: PETT-ull-wing (rhymes with METal-sing)

Petalwing is a Preserver — one of the carefree, fairylike creatures that arrived on the World of Two Moons with the original High Ones. Petalwing lives under the grand illusion that “highthings” (i.e., elves) cannot live without it, and must be watched over and protected.

The closest thing that the Preservers have to a leader, Petalwing was the first among them to have significant interactions with the Wolfriders. Cutter and Skywise first met the capricious sprite in the Forbidden Grove near the beginning of their quest to find other elf tribes. Winnowill saw Petalwing as a threat to her dominion over the Gliders and tried to imprison it. Later, Dewshine was able to free Petalwing, who immediately fulfilled Winnowill’s prophecy by snapping Lord Voll out of his ages-old lethargy by its mere appearance. Petalwing led Lord Voll to the High Ones’ Palace, and unwittingly to his own death. After the Elf-Troll War, Petalwing unlocked the door to the chamber of the Scroll of Colors inside the Palace of the High Ones, so that Timmain could reveal to her descendants their origins and history.

Cutter regards Petalwing as a major annoyance; unperturbed, Petalwing accompanies the Wolfriders on many adventures — naturally always knowing what is best for them.