Pronunciation: PYKE (rhymes with like)

Son of Rain
Brother of Rainsong
Lifemate of Krim and Skot
Father of Sust and Chiepar
Wolf Friends – Hotburr, Gnawbones, Tiptail

Pike is the Wolfriders’ storyteller, a fun-seeking and mischievous “keeper of the dreamberries,” always content with a roll in the furs and a sack of wine. Pike’s storytelling gifts represent the memory of a tribe given to forgetting. His love of the easy path remains undimmed by the heartbreak that has befallen him more than once. If a more thoughtful side to Pike’s character exists, it is a mystery; he has no grand ideals or desire for quests, and constantly must be told what to do.

The son of Rain the Healer, who tried to force Recognition by magical means, Pike himself joked that the experiment went awry. Of his mother, nothing is known.

The storyteller Longbranch saw the youth’s interest in the tribal Howl and designated him as his successor. When the Wolfriders were burned from the Holt, Pike ensured the berries’ survival and was first to benefit from Redlance’s nascent plant-shaping power. In the Sun Village, he spent much time with Shenshen. When the Go-Backs Krim and Skot joined the Wolfriders, Pike was drawn to their rough and ready cheer and the three became lifemates.

Pike is usually cheerful, but death has dealt him sorrow. Pike shared a dance with the Go-Back warrior Vaya only to have her torn from his arms in battle. He discovered the frozen remains of the tortured rockshaper Mekda. He watched his family’s first child, Chiepar, die at birth.

At no time was Pike’s heart more wounded than when his lifemates joined the attack on Grohmul Djun‘s Citadel Mound and lifemate Skot was killed. Though far away, Pike knew of Skot’s death at once. Reunited with Krim after the palace was restored, the two grieved for their departed third — and she revealed that she was pregnant. Krim and Pike subsequently joined Ember’s wild hunt, where they raised their son, Sust, to rambunctious adulthood.

After Krim’s death battling Angrif Djun, Pike returned to Cutter’s tribe and currently resides in the Original Holt.